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Why Superfoods

So what exactly is so super about superfoods anyway?

Typically, superfoods are known for being packed with nutrients. Eating them will help you meet your daily vitamin and mineral intake and keep your immunity levels running on high all throughout the day.

Superfoods are also known for their ability to boost your body’s metabolic function to literally melt away those extra pounds! Really, do you need a better weight loss partner?


What Do you Get?

Customized Diet Plan

A nutritionist will give you a customised meal plan every week

Super Food

In a typical package, you get 12-20 food products every month


Nothing works like personal mentoring with a nutritionist

What happens next?

Once you’ve successfully registered with us, we will, with your permission, book you an appointment with our expert nutritionists. Based on their assessment, we will help you with a nutrition guide that will make your weight loss journey easier and more enjoyable!


Customer Testimonial

Lost 13.6 kgs

It feels amazing to lose weight like this. I tried everything before and only ended up getting more frustrated because I wasn’t able to lose much. This program has helped me get my self-confidence back and I feel so much happier about myself

– Archit Prasad

Lost 16.5 kgs

It’s been 8 months since I joined this program. I used to feel really conscious of myself and my weight before this and had almost given up thinking it was just my body type. I was proved wrong and I’m definitely not complaining! I would definitely recommend to my friends and family members after such amazing results

– Ashwini BK