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What Is Panchakarma?

The Sanskrit word ‘panchakarma’ can be broken down into two terms – ‘pancha’ (meaning five) and ‘karma’ (meaning therapeutic measures). Panchakarma therapy involves five natural types of advanced treatment aimed at eliminating the vitiated doshas (toxic elements) from our system.

By giving our body an intense detoxification and boosting our immune function, panchakarma can restore our health and mental well-being.


The Five Steps Of Panchakarma


This involves induced emesis (or vomiting) using internal oleation therapy. This treatment aims at eliminating Kapha that causes chronic congestion-related and skin diseases.


This method aims at eliminating toxic intestinal matter, either with the help of Ayurveda laxatives or by administering therapeutic purgation. This step is a great cure for jaundice and hemorrhoids


This is the detoxification of the upper respiratory tract by intense massages and inhalation of medicated oils. This step is particularly beneficial for conditions like migraine and sinusitis


This step involves an Ayurvedic herbal enema to cleanse the lower colon and eliminate its toxins. Basti is helpful in treating kidney stones, chronic constipation, and even joint pain


This is a blood purification therapy that involves the careful, controlled removal of small amounts of blood. This helps neutralize the accumulated toxins of several blood-borne diseases such as arthritis, eczema, and tonsillitis.

What happens next?

Once you’ve successfully registered with us, we will, with your permission, book you an appointment with our expert Ayurvedic practitioners. Based on their final assessment, you will then be referred to the nearest treatment clinics available in your area.


Customer Testimonial

This is my 3rd visit in last two years. I had severe indigestion and nervous weakness and they have both been treated with very good results. I will be visiting the place in future and recommend to any one who is looking for Panchakarma treatment

– Prasad H

I had been suffering from severe fatigue and migraine. No matter how much I slept or rested, the tiredness wouldn’t go. I was also becoming dependent on painkillers for the migraine. Then I tried panchakarma therapy. It’s a thorough cleansing of the body, and after having done it twice last year, I can say that I wake up feeling sufficiently rested and a lot more energetic. My migraine episodes are fewer now and not as painful.

– Vinod Kumar