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How Does This Therapy Work?

Born out of the Ayurvedic principle of rejecting temporary solutions and fixing the root cause of the ailment for a permanent one, Abhyangam is the ancient art of healing through delivering relaxed, repeated rhythmic motions to the body. This massage, when coupled with warm medicinal oils gently manipulates faulty, weakened tissue while combating pain and stiffness, boosting blood circulation, and triggering the release of toxic metabolic wastes.

The therapy is also further customized depending on factors like age and how advanced the ailment is. This will better ensure that your pain is alleviated as naturally and quickly as possible.


Benefits Of Our Therapy

Improvesbiomechanical function


Lubricates joints

Fights inflammation

Relaxes the nerve

Why Curejoy?

We believe in healing through natural ways

We will help you overcome the disease with validated outcomes and improve your overall heath

We understand the challenges of staying healthy, and this helps us understand your concerns better

Each treatment package will be tailor made for you

Our Ayurveda experts will use traditional Panchakarma remedies

Make personalised diet and lifestyle plans

What’s Next?

Once you’ve successfully registered with us, we will, with your permission, book an appointment with our expert Ayurvedic practitioners. Based on their final assessment, you will then be referred to the nearest treatment clinics available in your area.


Customer Testimonial

I have been having a slipped disc problem for the last 1 year, and I was told that surgery would be the only way to treat this. A family friend of mine recommended this place to me, and I decided to give it a try as a last resort. I was genuinely surprised with the results after the therapy. I could bend, stretch, rotate sideways with little to no pain at all! Even if it sounds too good to be true, trust me, it really works!

– Joanna R

As simple as it sounds, the therapy instantly relieved every bit of tightness in my neck and shoulder. Today after 4 months, I can perform my daily activities with ease, and I’ve even started playing sports again! Very happy and would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family members.”

– Elena S.