4 Reasons Why Comparing Yourself With Others Should Stop

Comparing yourself with others will only harm you and no one else. When you compare yourself with others, you are just being cruel to yourself. You can’t compare a fish with a monkey on the basis of one’s ability to climb trees. A fish is a swimmer and a monkey is a climber. They are different from one another and come with different strengths. Similarly, when you compare yourself with others, you are being unfair to yourself. Our modern world has become as such that uniqueness is becoming obsolete. Someone else is always becoming ‘goals’ for others. But that is exactly what is wrong with us. We should never try to be like others, but rather we should focus more on being better versions of ourselves. Every individual has a different path and a different goal. So, emulating others will not help us achieve our goals, but it will only take us farther from them. There are many other reasons why we should forever stop comparing ourselves with others.

1. We Only See A Part Of The Whole Picture


compare ourselves with others whom we deem better than us. But we don’t see what goes behind the pretty picture. We can look at our wealthy neighbors and envy them for having a pool. But we might never know the amount of debt that they owe or the materialistic partner he or she is dealing with. From outside everything might look hunky dory but only the person who is living that life knows the hardships.

We look at rock stars and movie stars, and envy their lifestyles. We want to live like them. Travel in private jets and drink expensive liquor. But we might never know the crippling depression and anxiety that come with that life. The instability of stardom comes with a never-ending insecurity. And only those people know the price they had to pay to reach where they did.

2. Unrealistic Scenarios Are Bad

We always take on a new challenge and foresee ourselves at the destination. We completely skip the journey in our heads. And that is very bad for our ego. When you start dieting, after one day you would start imaging yourself in the frame of your thin friend. Well, that is not gonna happen in a day.


media plays a big role in this. Today’s media only shows the ‘perfect’ ending to paint an unrealistic picture. If you see any physical transformation video, the first photo would be intentionally bad whereas the last photo would be heavily edited. They don’t focus on the scars of that person or the stretch marks that come with severe weight loss. So, a reality check that hard work is what can help us get to our destinations is required.

3. Keep Your Expectations In Check

Not everyone can become the CEO of a company at the age of 23. Mark Zuckerberg did it because it was his path to achieve that at that age. It might take you a few more years to do that. So, don’t compare yourself with others and have unrealistic expectations from yourself. Work hard, focus on your success and not other’s. That will help you to reach your destination.

Comparisons Can Make Us Negative

When we have unrealistic expectations from ourselves based on our comparisons, we launch ourselves to fail. And our failures are bound to turn us negative and bitter in life. Sometimes, depression can follow us as well. So, it is very important that we have clarity of what we are expecting from ourselves. So, it is important that we stop comparing ourselves with others and learn to appreciate our uniqueness. That will help us to take better decisions in life.

And if you want to compare yourself with someone, then compare yourself with what you were 5 years ago. Your goal should be being better than what you were yesterday or before.