4 Reasons Why Women Should Never Ditch Their Girlfriends For Guys

All women have been friends with many women who ditched them the moment they got boyfriends. Losing out on friendships over guys happens to be very common among women. Nobody knows why this happens. May be it is because women are raised with a belief that they need a man to make them feel fulfilled. And so when they do get a man, they give him more importance over everyone else in their lives. This mentality often costs women their friendships with other women. It is a wonderful thing to have a partner with whom we can share our lives. But we need our friends too. They act as anchors in our lives who can keep us grounded and true to ourselves. There are many other reasons why women should never lose their friendships with other women over men.

1. Good Friends Are A Rarity

It is important that we hold on to our true friends because they are a rarity to come by. So, it is important for women to not let go of their friends just because they have new men in their lives. Your true friends can really help you assess if your new boyfriend is worthy of you or not. Sometimes, we can settle for less and not notice that but our friends would never let us do that. So, it is imperative that you keep your girlfriends in the loop of your life.

2. Lets
You Have A Better Relationship With Your Partner

Women often cut down the amount of time they spend with their friends because they want to spend more time with their boyfriends and often feel like their friends might eat away from their alone time. But that is not true. Spending time together is an important part of being a couple but spending some time apart from each other is just as important. Studies have shown that couples who have separate lives have less conflicts and are happier. So, spending time with your girlfriends can be a perfect way of taking some time of your relationship.

Your Boyfriend Will Respect You More For It

Strong men like having strong women as their partners. Men appreciate women who can have lives beyond their boyfriends. Men hardly ever lose out on their friends because of their girlfriends because they know the value of friendship. So, if you share the same values as him, he will appreciate you more for it.

4. An External Support System

People can get very needy and clingy in a relationship because they share every bit of their lives with their partners. Hence, their partners can become their only support system. But this whole premise can wreck an individual when that relationship ends. That is why it is important for people to have an external support system. And who can provide that better than your girlfriends?

How To
Have The Best Of Both Worlds

When you are in a relationship, it is your duty to keep both your partner and friends happy and informed about the other parts of your life. So, you should let your partner know that your friends are important to you and you will never let them go from your life over small things. Make it a point to designate some time every week or every two weeks for your friends and spend that time with them without any distractions. Let your partner know that this time is sacred and you are not to be disturbed when you are with your friends. But make sure that you provide him with the same privilege when he is with his friends. When we cultivate good relationships with a reasonable number of people, it adds to our lives and intellect. This will greatly improve all your relationships and conversations that you would have with others.


work toward having fulfilling relationships with both your friends and your partner to feel full and happy in life.