7 Reasons Why Your Eyes Look Older Than You

The first signs of aging begin to appear around our eyes. Our eyes may develop dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and drooping eyelids as we get older. While there is absolutely no shame in sporting wrinkles as one ages, some of us may experience the aforementioned symptoms of aging at a relatively young age. Some of the reasons as to why this tends to happen are listed below.

1. Lack Of Sleep

An average adult requires about eight hours of sleep every day. Not meeting our individual sleep requirements or experiencing a drop in the quality of our sleep may lead us to appear more aged than we are. Insufficient sleep is one of the most obvious causes of dark circle formation. This is because the lack of sleep causes the blood vessels under our eyes to dilate and thereby creates a tint which becomes visible as the skin under our eyes are extremely thin and delicate. Apart from dark circles, insufficient sleep may also cause some individuals to develop bags under their eyes. This is not as common as dark circles and occurs when the deprivation of sleep causes fluid retention under the eyes.

Damage From Repeated Exposure To The Sun

The sun’s UV rays is known to cause numerous skin-related issues including pigmentation and melanoma. Several experts believe that sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of aging. Stepping out into the harsh sun with no shades or sunscreen for protection is a sure way to darken your eyes making them appear aged. The skin around our eyes are more susceptible to damage as they are much thinner and more delicate.

3. Skin Irritation As A Result Of Makeup

Using expired makeup can cause skin irritation. Not removing makeup before bed can also cause skin to dry out and age faster. Residual makeup on skin may also clog pores and cause acne outbursts. Using a lot of heavy makeup without proper complementary skin care routines can lead to the breakdown of collagen causing wrinkles to form.

Excessive Rubbing Of The Eyes

Sometimes we tend to rub our eyes aggressively when disturbed by an irritant like a dust particle or a fallen eyelash. But excessive rubbing of the eyes may cause damage to the blood vessels in the skin around them leading to the formation of dark circles. To flush out the irritant in one’s eyes, artificial tears or saline solutions may be used. These over the counter eye drops help keep the eyes from drying out and feeling itchy.

5. Excessive Smoking

Smoking excessively can hasten the aging process of our skin. Studies have found that smoking is the one of the largest cause facial wrinkles in men and women. The nicotine in cigarettes narrow blood vessels that are closer to the surface of the skin. This prevents the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin causing it to age faster.

Genetic Factors

Genetics play a large role in the speed at which one ages. If your parents or grandparents developed wrinkles or dark circles at a young age, then you are likely to develop them at a young age as well. Although genetic factors play a major role, taking extra care may help slow down the process.

7. Excessive Exfoliating

We may love exfoliating as it helps us get smoother and more rejuvenated skin. But excessive exfoliation especially of the skin around our eyes may cause more damage than we think. The skin around our eyes are highly sensitives and the blood vessels under them can be easily ruptured. If you’re using a skin exfoliate be sure to avoid the area around your eyes.