Why Does Your Pee Burn All Of A Sudden?

The very term “burning pee” can send chills down your spine. It is always a painful experience to feel your pee burn, especially hurting those sensitive and delicate tissues around and inside the vagina and urethra. Burning pee can be the result of tiny cuts, often microscopic, and result in painful, burning sensation. If salty urine touches those multiple tiny, open wounds, you are likely to get hurt. Read on to find out the reasons behind sudden sessions of burning pee.


Often, burning pee is a result of repeated sex or sex without enough lubrication. Micro-abrasions might often occur due to long sessions of sex or if the woman does not lubricate well. Sometimes, it could even be the result of spermicide, lube, and condoms if you are sensitive to certain allergens. If you think you are allergic to spermicide, you may buy condoms that contain no spermicide. If you think you are allergic to latex, try a natural lube instead of the usual synthetic ones. You might notice a difference soon.

Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infections are more common in women than in men. This is because the distance from the urethra to the vaginal and anal area is much shorter in women than in men. This makes it easy for the bacteria to travel to the urethra and up to the bladder. When a person suffers from UTI, burning pee is accompanied with a frequent urge to pee. UTIs can be treated with antibiotics and the urine can be diluted by drinking plenty of water to slow down the progression of the infection.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Burning pee is often believed to be the result of repeated sex or UTI, but it could be a serious case of sexually transmitted infections as well. This is why a conclusive test must be done rather than diagnosing it all by yourself. The most commonly believed STDs with the symptom of burning pee is either gonorrhea or chlamydia. However, herpes is another disease that can indicate a small blister or irritation in the vagina that is painful and results in a burning sensation.

Infection Or Vaginal Bacteria

It is easy to distinguish the symptoms of BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) and yeast infection from the symptoms of UTI as yeast infection is accompanied with a whole lot of itching and a thick, white discharge with a fishy odor. The common symptom between them is the frequency of peeing and burning pee. These yeast and bacterial infections are traditionally treated with the use of fluconazole (an antifungal prescription medication) or medicines that need to be inserted vaginally.

Intense Exercises

When you exercise and feel muscle contraction, the body produces heat. When our body warms up during exercises, the temperature of our internal fluids also rise, including the urine that gets stored in our bladder. This is one reason why your pee burns after a session of intense exercising. You don’t need to worry about this hot pee as it means nothing but that you have worked out quite well.


Bacteria love to survive in dark and moist environments. So, if you are playing in the beach for too long, you are likely to let your vagina come in touch with salt and sand as well. The bacteria that multiplies during this time causes your pee to burn. Reduce this by replacing your bathing suit with a wet-suit, while you are surfing or playing in the sea.

Using The Saddle Too Much

While you are in spin class wearing your regular gym suit, if the seat is not well-padded and you are sweating out a lot, your vulva is getting injured because of constant friction going on between the seat and the shorts you are wearing. This can cause micro-abrasions like sex does in the vagina and increase sensitivity in the area, resulting in burning pee. This happens with horse-riding sessions as well and can be prevented by using padded jodhpurs and wearing bike shorts.


time you suffer from burning pee sessions, look out for these reasons and seek medical attention immediately.