7 Parts Of Your Face That Can Explain Your Health

They say the ‘face is the index of the mind’. So besides being what gives away how you’re feeling inside (even when you’re doing your best to hide it), your face is also an index for how well your body is doing or isn’t doing.

Based on ancient Ayurveda practices and Chinese medicine, face reading can explain your health. Unlike palm reading or tarot reading which essentially requires another person to do, you can read your own face to get a deeper insight about your health.

So be your own health fortune reader by paying attention to certain signs that appear on these 7 parts of your face, along with what they mean and their solutions.

1. Under Eye

Under Eye: 7 Parts Of Your Face That Can Explain Your Health

The half-moon shaped area under our eyes is linked to the kidneys and liver.

Reading: If that area has a bluish hue to it, this means that the fluid levels in your body are not in proportion. To put it simply, this means that you’re almost always dehydrated and need more water. This also happens if you have been working hard, focusing on a screen for hours for example, and also if you drink lots of coffee. While a more brown tinge to that area indicates a stressed liver due to drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy food, and also lack of sleep.


Solution: Keep yourself hydrated by drinking more water. Bring a twist to your average drinking water by adding some lemon or cucumber slices to it, or keep yourself hydrated with some fresh fruit or vegetable juices as well. Make sure you sleep enough at night and if not try catching a power nap during the day to make up for it.

2. Eyes

Eyes: 7 Parts Of Your Face That Can Explain Your Health

The eyes are connected to your kidneys and also your back.

Reading: Black or brown spots in your eyes could indicate improper functioning of your kidneys, such as a build-up of toxins in your body by not peeing on time. While red-eye sockets could indicate back issues or even be a sign of back pain that has been neglected for a while.


Solution: This may be the best time to try a good detox juice such as lemon & honey water. Drink it first thing in the morning every day. Likewise, do pay attention to any aches in your back and see if that may be the reason for your red eyes, or if it is just lack of sleep or a dust allergy.  

3. Nose

Nose: 7 Parts Of Your Face That Can Explain Your Health

The nose and nostrils are in this obvious case connected to your lungs, and in a less obvious case connected to your bladder and back too.

Reading: If your nostrils are red and a little swollen or puffy, maybe even a tad bit itchy, then you may have excess mucus in your lungs. This can be caused by eating too many dairy products, a sign of some allergy, a coming cold, or even other sicknesses. If it feels dry as well, then this is a strong indicator of a lung infection such as pneumonia. If your nose is red for no known reason, it could also be a sign of back pain or bladder inflammation.


Solution: Start by doing some steam inhalation first thing in the morning or before you go to sleep. It may help to add some eucalyptus or tea tree oil to the water you steam from so it’s antibacterial properties can go into your lungs and work its healing magic. Likewise, drink lots of hot water with honey as it can help with treating bladder infections. Watch your back for any aches and if so gently massage it with 2 drops of eucalyptus oil.

4. Skin

Skin: 7 Parts Of Your Face That Can Explain Your Health

The skin is the largest organ of the body and hence has an equally large associative bracket to the rest of our body parts. They are connected to our hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys, spleens, and stomachs too.


Reading: If your skin is looking a little green, it may be because your liver is not functioning properly or is weakening. Likewise, when your skin looks super red, besides being a possible sunburn, heat rash, or even frostbite, it may be a direct indicator of heart disease or hypertension. Looking pale or whiter than usual may mean that your lungs are functioning poorly while looking darker may show that your kidneys are weaker or not functioning normally. Looking yellowish besides being a direct sign of jaundice, indicates an unhealthy spleen and deteriorating stomach.

Solution: Doing a good liver detox may help, especially cutting down on your alcohol, sugar, and caffeine intake. This would also inadvertently help improve your heart and other organs too, especially if you throw in some simple breathing and cardio exercises. Consume more Vitamin E rich foods such as avocados and foods with antioxidants such as berries, green tea, and the occasional glass of wine. Overall, make sure you drink lots of water and ear fresh and more raw foods.


Cheeks: 7 Parts Of Your Face That Can Explain Your Health

The upper cheeks are directly associated to our lungs and sinus, while our lower cheeks are connected to our teeth or gums.

Reading: If you are prone to acne on your upper cheeks, then that may be a sign of having some lung or sinus problems, besides being a sign of toxins built up in your body. However, if you notice eruptions on your lower cheeks, they are generally connected to certain kinds of tooth or gum irritation or issues.

Solution: Besides being the heat, lack of water, excess oil or dirt accumulated in your pores, try doing some pure hot water steaming first thing in the morning to cleanse your lungs and sinuses and inadvertently also opening those pores, so they can release those toxins. Rinse your face with room temperature to cold water after that and wipe your face gently. As for lower cheek pimples, you can start by rinsing your mouth with apple cider vinegar, watching your oral hygiene, or visiting a dentist to see if there are any issues in your teeth or gums that you may not know about.


Lips: 7 Parts Of Your Face That Can Explain Your Health

The mouth and lips are correlated with the digestive system: stomach, small and large intestine, spleen, and kidneys.

Reading: If your lower lip is sticking out or swollen then you might have a slow-moving or malfunctioning colon. Moreover, a red and cracked upper lip indicates a lot of stomach acidity. Yellow looking lips may mean poor digestion while darker colored lips may indicate low spleen and kidney functioning. Likewise, ulcers on your lips or inside your mouth may be a sign of stomach acid imbalance and heartburn.

Solution: For a good digestive cleanse, drink some hot lemon and turmeric water after your day’s biggest meal. Also try eating more foods with probiotics such as yogurt, as they add the amount of good bacteria in your digestive system and bring it back to normal functioning. Drinking a blended glass of yogurt, water, Himalayan salt, and cumin seeds, are a treat to healing most digestive issues, including cooling your tummy down from heartburn.


Chin: 7 Parts Of Your Face That Can Explain Your Health

The chin is associated to our hormones, blood, digestion, and in women, to their female reproductive organs.

Reading: Hormonal imbalances and blood changes can cause acne in the chin region. This explains why ladies probably see a bunch of pimples popping up on their chins close to their ‘time of the month’ because their uterus and ovaries are preparing or moving around the necessary hormones needed for it. In addition, dry skin and flakiness on the chin can indicate digestion problems as well.

Solution: Drink some spinach juice with a pinch of turmeric and dash of lemon or eat some magnesium-rich foods such as leafy greens if your chin is dry or when you’re close to your next menstrual cycle. This is said to be one folk remedy to help reduce period cramping, keep your hormones and inevitably your moods in check. Having some dark chocolate could always help improve your mood almost instantly and give you the needed cocoa-rich vitamins for your cells to function and heal.

It may be a wise idea to know your face better, so that when you notice some changes, even if they seem minor, you’ll learn to pay attention to them and know what’s wrong in your body.

They may be the invaluable insights you need to know about your inner health!