7 Weird Things All Women Do With Their Female BFFs

When two girls are best friends, they share an unusual bond with each other. They will fight with each other but they will also fight for each other. A bond of friendship that two women share is deep and multi-dimensional. They love the same things and sometimes, even hate the same things. They understand each other and each other’s moods. But there are lots of weird things that girls do with their best friends that they would never let others know about it. And that is the biggest evidence of the depth of their friendship. Here is a list of a few weird things that girls do with their best friends.

1. Deciphering People’s Lives From Facebook Together

Girls often stalk people of their mutual interest together and theorize crazy realities of those people’s lives. This is a great past time for them. They try to figure out the psyche of their crushes from the things they post on Facebook and Twitter. It might sound crazy to a lot of people but this is a shared hobby that a girl shares with her best friend.

Cuddling Non-Sexually

This is so normal for girls that they would find it weird if someone else thinks of it as weird. Sleeping next to a best friend and cuddling non-sexually is common for girls. Girls love their best friends and nothing is awkward about cuddling one’s best friend.

3. Sharing Intimate Details

This is something that others would find icky. But nothing is off limits between girls when they are best friends. They share deeply intimate details with each other about topics ranging from rashes at weird places to sex life stories. They don’t cringe at anything and neither do they judge each other for anything. They listen to the stories and nod along to analyze and give suggestions afterwards.

4. Humor That Others Don’t Get

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They have a shared sense of humor that others generally don’t get. And a lot of it is hidden away from the world as even they know how weird it is. Things that are completely weird is a matter of humor between two best friends. And this is a sacred and protected space where no one else is allowed.

5. Sharing Embarrassing Things

Girls share with their best friends all the embarrassing things that happen to them on a daily basis. Things that people don’t tell anybody; girls like sharing all that stuffs with their best friends. Stories about how one went all the way to the office with her zip undone or how one shaved only one armpit in hurry and forgot to shave the other one. All these humdrum yet funny details that people don’t share with others are generally the stuffs that girls tell their best friends about.

6. Being
Naked Around Each Other

Best friends share a comfort zone with each other. So, nudity is a completely acceptable norm between a girl and her best friend. A girl can run across a room wearing nothing but her undies and her best friend wouldn’t even bat an eyelid in shock or surprise. They have seen each other’s bodies and there is nothing much about them that can come across as shocking to the other person.

7. Being Needy

There are many articles that would tell you to not be needy with your partner but you won’t find any article that says anything about being needy with your friends. And girls know that. So, girls act most needy with their best friends because they know that their best friends are the only ones who can handle it. Be it needing attention or feeling heart broken over something, a girl’s best friend is the first one who would get a call when things get hard for a girl.


share a unique relationship with their best friends. So, it is understandable why they would share much more than just a relationship with each other.