6 Ways To Emotionally Cope With The Aftermath Of A Calamity

Every time we switch on the TV, there is something bad happening somewhere. Such bad news that we always see on TV seem like a bad dream that only happens to others. It is like a floating rumor about a tragedy that happened to an acquaintance which we hear and talk about but never think of facing it ourselves. But life always finds a way to throw a curve ball at us. And with ever increasing chaos in the world, the certainty of safety is nothing but an illusion. Terrorism is on the rise, wars are breaking out everywhere and the climate change has started manifesting itself as recurring natural calamities. So, it would be oblivious for us to think that we are completely safe amid all these. So, there might be a time when we find ourselves in the news. Thus, we must prepare ourselves for that. When we are dealing with a calamity, it is completely out of our control. So, it is important to remember that it is alright to not be in control sometimes. Sometimes, we must surrender to our surroundings and others who are helping us in the wake of a calamity. There are a few things that you can do to heal after a calamity.

Find Your Calm

After a tragedy, everything can seem blurry and confusing. Our brains can focus too much on ‘how it happened’ than ‘what to do now’ after a calamity. And it is an excusable reaction of our brains. It would be important for us to connect the dots after a calamity to find out what went wrong. But it is equally important to remember that the tragedy has already happened. So, you need to slow down and take a breath to calm yourself.

2. Take A Break To Feel Refreshed

It can be really exhausting to pick up and start over after a cataclysmic event. The whole process of starting over can get overwhelming. So, in such crazy moments you must take breaks once in a while to recharge yourself. It is not selfish but rather necessary for you to be able to function. So, take a break when things get too difficult to cope with.

Have Patience

You are dealing with the aftermath of an extraordinary event. So, it is alright for you to feel overwhelmed in one moment and absolutely shut down the next. Don’t expect yourself to adhere to a template of emotions. So, be patient with yourself and let yourself cope with the trauma and tragedy naturally. Healing can be a long process after a tragedy. So, accept yourself and your reactions as they come.

4. Let Go Of Your Self-Criticism

Blaming, shaming, judging and all other negative emotions that you are having towards yourself will not help you to cope with your trauma and loss. So, you need to stop blaming and shaming yourself for things that you couldn’t do. If you hold yourself accountable for a tragedy, you will never be able to let go of your pain. So, let go of the negative emotions that you are holding on to.

Give Your Pain A Constructive Outlet

It is normal to feel bogged down with negative emotions after a tragedy. You might be feeling a lot of things and all those feelings are important for you. But what is more important is to constructively express them instead of repressing them. Talk to someone you trust, a counselor or a friend to help you ease your pain.

6. Hold On To Your Faith

This is the most important thing that will enable you to move forward after a heartbreaking incident. You may have lost more than you ever imagined, but you still have your life. So, you need to find your courage to keep pushing. Take each day as it comes and don’t lose hope in the process.


on is the only way you can honor everything that you have lost in the tragedy. So, let yourself heal and move on.