5 Types Of Cognitive Distortions That Are Giving You Stress

When things get hard for us, we often put our shaking beliefs out in the universe to test the theory behind the Law of Attraction. But what we don’t see is that we are putting out contradictory messages out in the universe. And some of that can get internalized by us which can be detrimental for our self-esteem. This limiting belief is what is responsible for giving us stress and anxiety. Life is hard as it is. So, we should really not let our wild imaginations to spiral out of control to give us more stress. But why do we do that? Our thoughts have a lot of power over us. And our perceptions play a big role in creating our reality. People often find themselves in a lot of stress because of the way they perceive their problems. Here is a list of types of cognitive distortions that are giving us stress.

1. It’s All Or Nothing

Some people have a habit of perceiving every little event in their lives as all black or white. If they win, then it is all hunky dory for them. But if they lose, then they start to question every fabric of their being over a simple loss. This kind of mentality leaves no space for the gray area. Things are never that simple in life. And we can’t always win at everything. Losing sometimes is inevitable. But loss doesn’t have to be all black. Every loss comes with a lesson that we often forget to see and learn from. Your perception is what makes all the difference in a situation. So, don’t let yourself be trapped by the pursuit of a superficial idea of success that arises from the contradictory notions of either perfection or complete abyss in a situation. There are a lot of other options that are out there.

The Curse Of Overgeneralization

This is a big mental vice that people have and it can take a big toll on the mental and emotional health of an individual. Overgeneralization is something that we can do to ourselves after a minor setback. For example, sometimes when people get rejected from interviews, they start to assume that they would never be able to get a job. Well, that is not true. People who do that often want the Law of Attraction to come true for them without actually putting in any efforts. But things don’t work like that. Sometimes, there many reasons why certain things don’t work for us. Your path might be different and might be waiting to take you to a different destination. So, don’t lose hope that quickly.

The Negative Goggle

Some people are just mentality tuned to see through their negative goggles that focus only on the negative aspect of any situation. Such people believe that all the lessons are hidden behind the negative aspect of a situation. But that is a very wrong notion to hold on to. We can learn a complete life lesson only when we can see both the good and the bad in a situation. It is important to see the bad but it is also very important to appreciate the good to see the full picture.

Making Everything Cataclysmic

Many of us just love to assume the worst in any given situation. The amount of mental escalation in case of a set setback is extreme with these kind of people. They prepare themselves by assuming the worst of every situation. But this kind of thought process is not very helpful. It doesn’t help them to calm their panicky selves down. So, instead assuming the worst, you can gently nudge your mind and challenge it to think about the best that can happen in such a scenario.

5. Subtracting The Positives

It is possible for us to get worked up when things don’t go our way. But diminishing the good in a bad scenario would never help us to feel better. So, always try to see the positive to help yourself to get through the bad.


vices are all a matter of perception. Thus, we can easily get rid of them by changing the way we look at things.