How To Get Beautiful, Glowing, And Healthy Skin Naturally


Clear glowing skin is a dream for every person. No one likes pimples, zits, dark spots, baggy eyes or dark circles. Here are some simple tips to get clear glowing skin naturally. This post covers various types of facial masks, essential oils, toners and moisturizers made with natural ingredients which can help in providing natural glow to the skin.

Everything healthy starts from your diet. Digestive problems result in skin impurities; hence diet is really essential for healthy skin. This post also covers best foods and beverages for glowing, vibrant and younger skin.

Essential Oils, Herbs And Face Masks – For Your Skin Type

Essential Oils For Healthy Skin

17 Essential Oils And An Essential Oil Recipe For Beautiful Skin


Keep your skin gorgeous — and fight acne, aging and dryness, with these 17 essential oils for skin. Also, try a power oil recipe which is rich in minerals and nutrients that are great for your skin.

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Magical Healthy Mist Essential Oils Recipe For Your Skin



This recipe calls for Aloe Vera Juice and Witch Hazel. Both are readily available at most health stores and they have the ability to soothe, refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Rose Water is full of antioxidants, decreases inflammation and also has the ability hydrate the skin.

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Skin Nourishing Moisturizers

2 Homemade Moisturizers For Oily Skin


If you are wondering how to get rid of oily skin, you might not think that moisturizing is important, but it is actually critical — your skin produces excess sebum because it is in distress. Moisturizing is one of the best oily skin solutions because it provides healthy hydration and restores your skin’s balance.

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Flaxseed Gel: A Skin Moisturizer


Flaxseed is full of anti-oxidants and is helpful in removing any free radicals that damage your skin. Flaxseed gel can be used for all skin types as an excellent moisturizer. The gel acts as a protectant against UV rays, dust, pollution and changing weather conditions.


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3 Natural Homemade Night Creams For Youthful Skin


Research shows that skin cell turnover is 8 times faster during bedtime, thus making it the best time to apply facial skin care creams. Homemade night creams such as White/Green Tea night cream and Apple/Olive Oil night cream for face, support your skin’s rejuvenation and restoration process.

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Skin Toners To Cleanse The Skin

How To Make Skin Toner For Acne Prone Skin


Toning is an important part of your daily beauty care regime. The closed pores of your skin open up with toning. This will help moisturizers get inside your skin layer effectively, leaving you with a moisturized, fine and supple skin tone and and glowing skin every day.


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How To Make Skin Toners At Home For My Dry Skin?


Commercial toners contain chemical ingredients that can irritate the skin and disrupt its natural balance. Dry skin could be prone to many problems hence it requires particular care and attention. As cleansing, toning and moisturizing is a very important part of skincare routine, making your own skin toner could be a cheap and easy alternative and will not cause any damage to your skin.

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Face Masks For Glowing Skin

5 Best Natural Face Mask Recipes For 5 Skin-Types


Face masks soothes your skin and relaxes the muscles on your face as well. It results in a fairer and healthy skin. However, face mask is something that you can also make at home. Here are 5 natural face mask recipes to cleanse your face, to brighten and exfoliate your skin and for lifting and tightening of the skin.


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Turmeric Mask: Ayurveda’s Best Skin Exfoliant


Ayurveda recommends turmeric to be used regularly for glowing, blemish free complexion. Turmeric does wonders to the skin as an exfoliant. Apart from removing dead skin and impurities, the turmeric mask also maintains the natural pH balance of the skin and imparts a healthy glow to it.

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How To Make Coffee Face Masks For Clear Skin?


Coffee loads your skin with antioxidants and it has anti-aging properties to maintain the elasticity of skin. The caffeine in the coffee is known to have good skin benefits such as reducing redness and combating inflammation. Coffee can be used to brighten up dull skin when applied as a face mask, and is ideal for any skin type.

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Treat Oily Skin With This Magical Egg White Mask



An egg white mask does wonders for oily skin. Oily skinned beauties often worry about large pores and an egg white mask is just what is required to shrink pores and leave the skin looking firm and glowing.

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Exfoliate And Moisturize Your Skin With This Rose Petal Scrub


Organic roses are suitable for all skin types and offer amazing skin moisturizing properties for dry and sensitive skin. Rose petals are rich in vitamin C and other anti-oxidants. Vitamin C boosts collagen production and strengthens skin cells and tissues.This recipe uses coconut oil which is deeply moisturizing to the skin and sugar exfoliates the dead skin cells in a non-abrasive manner. This scrub is suitable for most skin types and can be used once a week.

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Skin Moisturizing Herbs

6 Awesome Herbs For Glowing And Beautiful Skin



Aloe vera has blood purification properties that helps treat acne, allergic rash, swelling and blemishes. Neem (Margosa) is a natural cleanser that flushes out toxins and prevents pimples and skin eruptions. Paste of gram flour, turmeric and sandalwood works as an antiseptic. Rose water or saffron and water paste, applied on face keeps skin smooth and glowing.

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5 Best Skin Moisturizing Herbs


Chamomile is an excellent emollient and reduces signs of photo-aging. Aloe Vera can penetrate the skin’s deepest layers and is 50% more effective for treating burns than any other remedy. Calendula has oil soluble components that stimulate wound healing. Horsetail has firming qualities making it a good anti-aging cream. Peppermint nourishes dull skin.

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Foods And Beverages For Glowing, Vibrant And Younger Skin

Foods To Eat For Healthy And Glowing Skin

Superfoods That Will Make Your Skin Look Younger !!



When talking about preventing the signs of aging, superfoods come on top of the list. Thousands of research studies proved that superfoods have the highest concentration of nutrients, antioxidants, and other compounds to protect and repair damage to the skin cells. Here are some of the healthiest choices of foods that you should add to your diet.

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Avocado – Magical Fruit For Youthful Skin


Rich in vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, K, and essential fatty acids, which are extremely beneficial for your skin, avocado oil can be used both internally and externally. It is very effective in fighting the ageing process, keeping skin hydrated and stimulating collagen production. During the summers, avocado oil can protect your skin from damaging sun rays.

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Why Flaxseed For Skin Is Better Than An Expensive Cream?


Flaxseed for skin and flaxseed oil can help nourish your skin and make it glow. Flaxseeds due to their high inflammatory index help minimize skin irritation, redness and inflammation of any sort. Skin rashes also diminish with topical application of both flaxseed oil and powder.

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5 Ways Rosemary Can Improve Your Skin and Health


Rosemary is great for adding a little extra aroma and flavor to a dish, but the herb is much more than just a fragrant seasoning — it also serves as an effective anti-aging remedy, even for helping you get rosy skin.

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9 Fruits For Glowing Skin


There are several fruits that help to promote healthy skin from the inside out so that you always looks radiant. Learn about these fruits, the skin-healthy nutrients that they contain and exactly how these nutrients promote glowing skin. Use this infographic to transform the look and health of your skin today.

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What Are The Benefits Of Baking Soda On Skin?


Baking soda has been widely used since ages as a natural, chemical-free, anti-bacterial agent to tackle a myriad range of skin problems. It works as an effective exfoliate removing dry, dead skin that can cause acne, black heads and other skin problems.

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Benefits Of Sea Salt For Great Skin


Sea Salt not only has innumerable skin benefits, but can also strengthen the immune system. It is a great natural detoxifier and skin exfoliator. It can help reduce stress and improve blood circulation.

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What Foods Should You Avoid For Glowing Skin?


There are certain foods that can be a big ‘No’ for your skin. Some of them are sugar that ruins collagen and elastin, white breads, pasta and cake that can be responsible for your zits, caffeine that can hasten aging and make skin dry, processed foods and fried foods that can cause pimples.

Skin-Friendly Beverages

6 Delicious Juices For Flawless Glowing Skin


Apple, beetroot, carrot and grape juice, all contain a rich amount of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. They improve detoxification and promote glowing skin, fight dark circles, wrinkles and skin ageing. Lemon juice has anti-inflammatory properties and contain citric acid that boosts kidney function that cleanses impurities in blood that affect skin health.

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7 Types Of Tea And Why They Are Good For Your Skin


Chamomile and Red tea contain quercetin, which protects the skin from sun damage and aging. Dandelion Root Tea boosts detoxification. Ginger and White tea are powerful anti-inflammatory agents and can help avoid skin flare ups. Green Tea contains rich antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles and age spots. Tulsi tea prevents stress and balances hormones.

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Alkaline Balancing Wonder Drink For Clear Skin


This drink has a good mix that will boost detoxification to give you clear skin. Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C and stimulates the liver to promote detoxification, apple cider vinegar balances the bacteria in the stomach, aloe vera can soothe gut tissues, honey is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and mint eases digestion and is anti-inflammatory in nature.

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Juice Recipes For Treating Oily Skin Problems


Excess oil can lead to blemishes and acne flare-ups. Apart from using a cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine, you have to follow a healthy diet where you can include the following juices to help improve your skin condition.

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Simple Tips To Get Clear Glowing Skin Naturally

Daily Routine Guide For Gorgeous Skin


Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser once a day. Make it a point to re-apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours for maximum protection. Applying retinoids before bedtime will provide collagen boost and give your skin that dewy, supple look. Consume omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

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How To Get Beautiful And Glowing Skin Naturally [Video]


Here is a video with Rachel Webb, an expert in Energetic Healing And Traditional Chinese Medicine who helps us eliminate the common root of our skin problems and gives you unconventional tips to transform your skin naturally.

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5 Amazing Skincare Tips For Combination Skin Types


If you have an oily T-zone i.e. your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, it means that you have a combination skin. The following are few useful regimes to care for a combination skin type, so that your skin maintains its glow and radiance irrespective of anything.

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Tips For Glowing, Beautiful, And Healthy Skin


Applying lemon, potato, oatmeal, ice and tomato on a regular basis can help attain alluring skin. Herbal remedies such as orange peel, chandan, multani mitti and turmeric work well to unblock pores, hydrate skin, remove dead skin cells and nourish your skin for that youthful look.

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Cleansing Guidelines For Acne-Free Skin


Acne can be one of the most dreaded and difficult to treat skin conditions, especially for young adults and women leading up to and during their menstrual cycle. Here is a natural approach to acne care.

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Natural 4 Step Guide: Tips For Glowing Skin


There are four basic tips for glowing skin: cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting. It is important to address each step so that your skin looks and feels as healthy as possible.

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Natural Skin Moisturizing Tips On How To Look Young


Drink 8 ounces of water daily for vibrant skin. Keep a spray bottle in your purse with water and a few drops of essential oil. Spritz your skin occasionally to stay hydrated. Use diffusers with essential oils as they can be absorbed easily by the skin. Avoid heavy sun exposure as it dries out the skin.

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A Guide To 12 Natural Home Remedies For Glowing Skin


Here are some naturally available remedies that trigger the “inside out” cleansing process, healing and balancing energy channels that reflect on the quality of your skin.

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Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips For Healthy And Glowing Skin

Ayurveda Skin Care Series: What Is Your Skin Type?


For Vata and Pitta skin types (dry, sensitive skin), use a raw silk gharshana glove for exfoliation. For Kapha skin type (thicker, oily skin), use a natural bristle brush. Use rose water as a toner and milk as a face wash.  Neem oil is cooler than tea tree oil, so use it as a spot treatment for pimples. Use coconut oil or ghee as a moisturizer.

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Ayurvedic Beauty Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin


Ayurveda truly touches upon all of the myriad aspects of life – from digestion to psychology, to sexual health to spirituality to skincare. Here are five surprising Ayurveda beauty tips that you can truly benefit from.

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Ayurveda: Home Treatments For Skin Problems


Apart from taking medical help for keeping your skin looking healthy, there are many inexpensive home treatments suggested by the traditional ayurveda. In this post, you will find an outline of easy and effective home treatments and foods that are traditionally avoided by to attain healthier skin.

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