5 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Health Goals

Have you been working out for months but not seeing any positive changes in your body? Is this making you want to give up? Health goals are not easy to achieve. It requires a great deal of patience and a positive mindset. There’s no doubt that working hard towards something and not getting the desired results can be demotivating. But this is when you need to stop and take a look at where you may be going wrong, instead of giving up.

Is it the goal unrealistic? Is your routine monotonous? Or are you simply focussing on the wrong thing? If you feel that you are facing any of these problems, there’s no need to worry! You are not alone in going through this! Take a look at these 5 things that may be stopping you from reaching your health goals and how you can solve them for better health.

1. Being Too Hard On Yourself

Following a strict diet can stop you from achieving your health goals


of the diet plan you follow, completely restricting yourself from your comfort food will probably just cause more harm to your mood and your body. Instead, it is much easier to stick to a flexible diet plan for a longer duration. When you make strict rules about your food, there are greater chances that you will have more cheat meals than normal.

Never let yourself get really hungry as it will result in you overeating later on. When hungry, always go for a light snack to keep you from craving food between meals. Also, remember that one type of diet won’t suit everyone. Your metabolism can be much different from others’. So, always choose a diet plan that works for your body.

2. Focussing Only On Your Weight

The number on the scale doesn’t determine how healthy you are. Giving more importance only to your weight makes you ignore other aspects of your health.

Focus on your immunity, skin, digestion, mental health, and energy levels, and weight loss will follow. Also, strict diets and starving damages your body. Eat for your health to make you lose weight naturally and make you feel better physically and mentally.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Setting unrealistic goals can stop you from achieving your health goals

Have you noticed how frustrated you feel when you cannot reach your goals? The problem probably lies in the goal-setting process and not your efforts. You set yourself up for disappointment when you are over-optimistic and unrealistic while setting goals. This also makes you more likely to quit.

It is necessary to know your body’s capabilities and slowly raise the bar accordingly. Make your goals more achievable, specific, relevant, and time-bound. The key is to start with a small goal and appreciate yourself for achieving it.

4. Following A Monotonous Fitness Routine

Following a monotonous fitness routine can stop you from achieving your health goals


affects you both physically and mentally, be it with your work, life at home, or your exercise routine. If the mere thought of stepping into the gym makes you miserable, then you are doing something wrong. Repeating the same exercises every day can take away all the excitement.

In the beginning, when your body is exposed to the stressor (exercise), it activates a response that helps you overcome it. As your body gets used to the stressor, it stops reacting to it. So, doing the same exercises over and over again will not give you the same results as you got initially. Try changing your workout routine every 4–6 weeks so that your progress doesn’t come to a halt.

5. Lack Of Motivation

Lack of motivation can stop you from achieving your health goals

Motivation is the deciding factor for the success or failure of anything you undertake, including your health goals. Sometimes, you just need a small push to get back on track and work toward your goal. If you think that exercising is a task, you will soon find yourself making excuses not to work out.


it a part of your daily routine, just like having a cup of coffee. Once you remove the negative thoughts associated with it, exercising to reach your goals becomes easier. Try using a reward system — every time you reach a milestone, reward yourself. This will not only make you happy but also motivate you to work harder towards your next goal.

Impatience is another reason why most people don’t feel like working out. Initial few failures may make you want to give up, but you must remember that with the right goals and a positive approach, nothing is impossible. Remember that staying fit and healthy doesn’t end with exercising and following a fancy diet plan. You need to work in harmony with your body and mind for the best results.