7 Things Should Always Be Kept Secret

There are a few things in your life that are worth keeping as secrets. When you have a wide network of friends and family, revealing everything about you may complicate your life. You are wrong to assume that every person is a well-wisher. Sometimes, they tend to use the information to weaken you. Hence, these seven things should be kept as a secret in your mind.

1. Your Future Plans

Your Future Plans

Your ambitious future plan is something you like to share with friends. You expect them to encourage you. But, it may not happen that way. Some of them may discourage you, undermining your potential to achieve it. They make you feel that you are not capable of doing it. At the end of the day, your confidence will be shaken. If you share your business plans or startup ideas, they may even steal them. Keep in mind that there are people in your community who are good at finding faults to demotivate others.

Secrets Of Your Friends

Secrets Of Your Friends

Anything said in confidence should be buried deep in your mind. It might be about your friend’s messed-up relationship or a new job offer. Never speak about it. This will betray the trust your friend invested in you. And this is enough to spoil the friendship. Also, don’t gossip. If you have heard unpleasant things about others, which you are not sure of, keep them to yourself. Do not go around spreading the news.

3. Your Family Issues

Your Family Issues

Fights at home? On the verge of divorce? These issues are never worth disclosing. As you expose family problems, you look weak in front of others. Moreover, these issues become more complex when you discuss them. It might seem harmless when you talk about your partner’s annoying habits. But, in the process, you degrade him or her and if your partner comes to know about it, he/she will definitely feel hurt.

Your Love Life

Your Love Life

Of course, you feel good when you tell your friends or colleagues about the beautiful date you had with your partner. Yes, it’s quite tempting to boast of the moments with your partner. But, it is not a good habit to share every little detail about your love life. By doing so, the intimacy and privacy just the two of you enjoy will be washed away.

5. Your Charity Work

Your Charity Work

As a philanthropist, you change lives and you leave a positive impact on so many lives. But if you publicize the charity work, then its value is lost. It may look like your generous deeds are for popularity. Stop praising yourself for your actions.

6. Money Matters

Money Matters


This is a universal fact. Your income and finance should not be a point of discussion. Genuine relationships do not hinge on economic uniformity. As you start discussing income among friends, it may kick-start a competition to decide who earns more. Your hitherto friendship may get smeared with animosity and jealousy. To avoid this painful emotional experience, you should learn to keep this as a secret.

7. Your Lifestyle Secrets

Your Lifestyle Secrets

Have you ever thought who sabotaged your new diet or who derailed your healthy eating habits? Well, it might be your friends. Your new diet or healthy lifestyle will last longer if it’s a secret. Trying to be vocal about it, will attract others who are not genuinely interested in your well-being. They may wreck your attempts to embrace a lifestyle that is beneficial for your health. In the same way, your faith and belief should not come up in your conversations. These are very delicate topics, which may pave the way for unnecessary arguments.