4 Things A Strong Woman Refuses To Do In A Relationship

I’ve learned something that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands, you need to be able to throw something back.- Maya Angelou

Strong women are not magically given their strength. They find their strength when all the odds are against them and then they learn from them. They bear scars that are often invisible to the naked eyes. These scars are the scars of trauma and battle that they may have won or lost. But those hard times taught them a great deal about their weaknesses. People often find their strength in the most unlikeliest of circumstances. Strength is often derived from pain and hard times. Strength sometimes come from contemplation that can extend over months and even years of being treated like you are not worthy of love. But once a strong woman finds her strength, she becomes aware of her worth that doesn’t come from other people or her relationships. She will take back the power from the people who don’t deserve it. And she will not do the same mistakes again. There are 4 things in a relationship that she will refuse to put up with which have been listed below.

Never Give Up Your Pieces

All women in relationships learn this lesson the hard way. Women have a habit of giving up their pieces or individual likes to please the other in a relationship. These individual likes can be a hobby, a job and even quirks that make an individual different. Women don’t mind compromising in a relationship to keep a relationship going. But sometimes this can go overboard and prove to be detrimental for themselves. But the interesting thing is that once a strong woman learns her lesson, she will never make the same mistake again to make a bad relationship work. And that is what sets her apart from the crowd. She learns her lesson once and practices that for life.

2. Never Settle For Lesser Than What You Deserve


A strong woman obtains her strength from her past bad experiences. But she will never go back on the same path again. She knows her worth that she decides and will never let anyone else to sabotage that. She will never allow her partner to treat her lesser than how she expects to be treated. In a relationship, a strong woman knows what she brings to the table and she will not settle for anything lesser. She will not hold back on her prowess to balm her partner’s ego. She will not feel bad about expecting her partner to match up to her and her standards.

3. Never Put Up With Silly Games

A strong woman has seen the uglier side in life. So, she knows the tricks that a terrible person can play in a relationship. Mind games in a relationship can take a toll on the emotional well being of an individual. She has been on the other side of the game and she knows not to do that again. A good relationship is based on mutual trust and understanding. So, she will not be an accomplice to such manipulative tactics in a relationship again.

Never Be Used By Another Person

In a bad relationship, a bad person will always try to use the other individual. A woman who has been used before, knows the price one has to pay in a toxic relationship like that. A good relationship will always have equal participation and sacrifices from both individuals. But a toxic relationship thrives on lopsided love and compromises. So, a strong woman will never allow herself to be used again as she knows the pain it comes with.

Navigating through love and relationships can be difficult. It is a tricky water that people should navigate through carefully. A strong woman can fail, but she always learns from her lessons. Hence, she will refuse to make the mistakes again at the expense of her dignity and individuality.