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Experiencing A Burnout? Here’s How You Can Tell

You must have felt it at some point in your life. Maybe it was that impossible deadline or the fact that you haven't had...
Bipolar disorder is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people.

7 Questions Psychiatrists Ask To Diagnose Bipolar Disorder

While mental illnesses like depression and anxiety are well known and understood fairly well, other illnesses like schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder don't receive the...

Why Do I Cry For No Reason? 10 Possible Reasons

Do you find yourself crying for no obvious reason? Premenstrual syndrome, perimenopause, menopause, and depression could lie at the root of the issue. So can sleep deprivation, stress and burnout, pseudobulbar affect, postcoital dysphoria, vitamin B12 deficiency, low blood sugar, or thyroid problems.

6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Drinking Alcohol

Quitting alcohol consumption is the best favor you can do to yourself. It makes you fitter, gives you the impetus to work out, and helps you sleep better and wake up fresh. Overall health improves significantly when you quit drinking. No alcohol automatically means no snack, no binge eating, and no weight gain. Your appetite will improve significantly. You will also be able to focus and perform better every day.

5 Everyday Steps To Boosting Your Self-Confidence

Developing self-confidence is difficult. But, doing a few things to boost your self-worth every day can get you there. Compliment yourself on your achievements and strengths in front of a mirror. Write down a set of realistic goals every day to motivate yourself. Spend time with a friend or talk to them over the phone to feel loved. Turn off your social media notifications to avoid comparing yourself to others. Visualise tasks to reduce stress.

Why Is Folic Acid So Important?

Everyone needs folic acid, also known as vitamin B9. It supports cell and tissue growth, especially during adolescence, infancy, and pregnancy. The production of DNA and red blood cells also need this nutrient. In the nervous system, folic acid aids brain function, making it vital for mental and emotional health. Find it in leafy greens, asparagus, beef liver, and fortified breakfast cereal. Just don’t eat too much because it can mask the side effects of B12 deficiency.

5 Signs That Tell You Your Partner Is Sincere

Sincerity is an incredibly important quality that every individual should have. This quality becomes even more important when you are in a relationship. Honesty...
tips to build your self-confidence

Boost Your Self-Confidence: 12 Tips And Tools For Life’s Challenges

Self-confidence is an essential part of our toolkit for dealing with life's challenges. Identify and break negative thinking habits and practice self-affirmation. Other techniques include challenging yourself, engaging in volunteer activity, rewarding yourself for even those tiny victories, and refraining from unfair comparisons with others. A holistic practice like yoga can help build self-confidence and so can meditation. For those who need more help, professional counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can offer a way to improve self-confidence.

6 Signs Of A Person Who Is Still Living In The Past

Life can put us in many murky situations when we least expect it. Unfortunately, sometimes we can get stuck in these difficult situations mentally....
5 Ways Yoga Exercises Can Help Cure Back Pain.

This Is Why Yoga Can Help Cure Back Pain

Back pain can be a horrible experience, and yoga can help alleviate it in so many ways. By helping us be more fluid and more aware of our bodies, we can cure and prevent back pain as well as protect ourselves from future injuries. By breathing and relaxing, we can also cut down on stress that contributes to back pain and makes us too weary to function properly. Long-term Imbibing yoga into our daily routine can help sustain not just a healthy back but also a mind that’s free of worries.

5 Tips To Become A Happy Woman

Being happy sounds like an easy thing to do, but the stress of home and work, and with so many things that go on in...
Tips for Spotting and Stopping a Nervous Breakdown Early

Tips For Spotting And Stopping A Nervous Breakdown Early

Signs of a nervous breakdown can be emotional – feeling isolated, moody, unable to concentrate – and physical like insomnia, headaches, muscle pain, illnesses etc. Talking to someone who can help you, taking care of your body by eating healthy and exercising, finding time to relax your body and mind, handling problems one at a time, and thinking positively can help avoid a nervous breakdown.

7 Uncomfortable Signs That Show You’re On The Right Path

Not all of us believe that the Universe communicates with us. We feel like such a small speck in the vastness of space that...
How To Build Self-Esteem

12 Powerful Tips On How To Build Self-Esteem

A low self-esteem is when you've negative thoughts and a lack of confidence in yourself. This slowly leads to a self-deprecating behavior that won't let you move on in life confidently without comparing yourself with others. Before this leads to severe depression, learn to believe in yourself, appreciate what you do, get some "me" time, help others, and help yourself.

Top 10 Traits That Babies Are Likely To Inherit From Fathers

Genes from both the mother and father make us who we are. There are 23 chromosomes that we get from the mother, while the...