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Everything You Need To Know About The Pregnancy Orgasm

Having sex and having orgasms (through sex or self-stimulation) during pregnancy are both safe unless the doctor advises against it. Uterine contractions and intense orgasms are totally natural as are cramping and a change in shape or hardness of your belly after reaching climax. To be on the safer side, always consult with your doctor for safe suggestions and positions to try while having sex or while masturbating.

7 Signs Of Depression In Men That Often Go Unnoticed

When we think about debilitating diseases, we always think about chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes etc. And the fact that none of the mental...
How to tighten your vagina naturally

6 Natural Tips To Help You Tighten Your Vagina

Vaginas are hands down the most extraordinary organ any human can have. Can any other organ pass an actual person through it? We didn’t...
benefits of morning sex

7 Benefits Of Morning Sex: Let Love Dawn On You

Having sex in the morning might just be the best time to have sex! It can add to your morning workout routine and help you start your day on a high. Morning sex also fights anxiety, reduces menstrual cramps, and improves fertility. Also, it gives your face a glow and lets you begin your day looking your best.
Strange things can happen while you sleep that is not dangerous

5 Bizarre Things That Can Happen While You Sleep

The body and mind can do some strange things during sleep. Sleep talking is harmless, but it can be disruptive for those sleeping near you. Sleepwalking increases the risk of injury and needs to be controlled. Sleep sex, or sexsomnia, might also cause awkward situations. Can’t move but your mind is awake? Sleep paralysis is scary, but only affects 1.7% of the population and also increases the risk of the exploding head syndrome.

All There Is To Know About An Enlarged Prostate

Inflammation of the prostate gland causes and enlarged prostate. Three disorders are associated with prostate inflammation. Benign prostatic hypertrophy causes difficulty in urination. It is treated with medications, surgery, and self care. Prostatitis could be caused by bacteria, nerve damage, urinary tract infection, or stress. It is treated with medications. Prostate cancer might also be associated with an enlarged prostate. Lastly, treatment and medication of all three disorders might affect one's sexual health.

6 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating On You

Being cheated on could arguably be one of the worst feelings in the world especially when you completely trusted your partner would never betray...

9 Must-Know Truths To Have Better Sex

Sex should be a pleasurable experience for both (or all) parties involved. But in many cases, sex can become awkward, tense, and uncomfortable. In...

5 Non-Sexual Things That Can Increase Your Sex Appeal

There are many obvious ways to increase your sex appeal. Anybody can wear a strategically fitted dress, high heels and red lipstick to amp...

Can Lubes Be A Reason For Your V-Troubles?

Studies have shown that lubes may trigger vaginal irritations and cause yeast infections. Certain compounds like glycerin, propylene glycol, benzocaine, and acetate in lubes cause a pH imbalance in the vagina and may cause discomfort. Enjoy your sexual experiences with silicone-based, aloe-based, and paraben-free lubes that do not have a negative impact on the vagina.
diabetes affects female sexuality

Impact Of Diabetes On The Sexual Well-being Of Women

When diagnosed with a chronic condition like diabetes, sexual needs are naturally pushed to the back of the head. In women especially diabetes can cause vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse and loss of libido. Women tend to remain tight-lipped about these signs. It's advised to adopt positive lifestyle changes and seek medical help to overcome sexual dysfunction.

6 Common Sex Drive Killers You Need To Know About

The release of cortisol and adrenaline during stress is a common cause of lowered sexual drive as is feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner. Antidepressants inhibit the function of sex hormones while birth control increases levels of serum hormone binding globulin in the body that renders the testosterone levels inactive. A low sense of body image and health complications associated with aging can also cause a loss of sexual appetite.
Make changes to your life now with these tips

Staying Alive Longer Is As Easy As These 5 Hacks

Everyone wants to live longer, right? Sometimes the easiest methods are the most beneficial in extending your lifespan. Eating often in balanced quantities may be dismissed as overeating, but the reality is that it keeps you full throughout the day and balances your calorie intake. Enjoying your sex life can enhance your life expectancy by a large extent and also have a great phsiological effect on your body. Taking short naps during the day can keep you rejuvenated and boost your energy.
Our hormonal health must be kept in check so that we stay happy

7 Steps To Keep Your Hormones In Check And Find Happiness

Every fertile woman on earth goes through that time every month when anger, irrationality, irritation, exhaustion, depression, and anxiety, all of them work together...
Misogyny And Sexism Are Not The Same Thing

How To Identify A Misogynist

Misogyny is the “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.” No, it is not the same as sexism. People often confuse the...