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6 DIY Foot Scrub Recipes To Soften Your Feet

Foot scrubs are easy to make at home, using the ingredients around you. Sugar, sea salt, coffee grounds, essential oils, baking soda, olive oil, or coconut oil can be used as ingredients for your DIY foot scrubs. Using them before you shower is an effective way to clean your feet and also moisturize them and remove dead skin. Using them twice or thrice in a week will make your feet healthy and free from germs.

8 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Boils On The Butt And Thighs

Boils on the butt and inner thighs arise due to improper hygiene, sweat retention or hormonal changes. Some simple yet effective home remedies like crushed garlic, neem leaves, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and many others can help these boils heal. They also prevent the recurrence of these boils.

12 Homemade Enema Remedies For Colon And Liver Detox

An enema is a procedure that helps cleanse the colon and the liver. It has been used for ages and is an effective technique to eliminate toxins from the body. The process involves the introduction of a solution into the anus or rectum, which stimulates the bowel and removes waste from the body. Most of the solutions used in an enema can be prepared at home and can be self-administered.
foods that speed up aging

6 Foods That Speed Up Aging

Some unhealthy eating habits do worse than make you fat and tired – they age you from the inside out. Do you know that...

6 Reasons You Should Stop Using Himalayan Rock Salt

Himalayan rock salt is traditionally called black salt in India, and has become one of the trendiest condiments in health circles and on the kitchen...

Tips To Promote Tooth Enamel Growth And Stronger Teeth

Practise oil pulling to induce saliva production. Supplement with vits D, K2, and C. Utilize tooth soaps or homemade toothpastes. Consume traditional fermented foods (high in natural probiotics), sea salt (rich in minerals), and homemade bone broths (rich in calcium). Eat strawberries to whiten teeth and remove tartar. Apply pearl powder on affected teeth daily, once a day.
Black Salt Benefits

Black Salt Benefits: Elixir For Your Skin, Hair, And Body

Black salt is also called as 'Black lava salt', 'kala namak' or 'sanchal' and is a type of volcanic rock salt. Black salt has a host of benefits for skin, hair, and overall health. It can lower your blood pressure, ease joint pains, and boost immunity. Consuming it with tomato juice encourages hair growth and makes your mane thick and shiny. Black salt bath can treat eczema and psoriasis as well. Here are diy ideas to incorporate it for overall health.