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12 Best Foods For Runners: What To Eat And When

Long-distance runners need to load up on carbs like wholegrain bread, cereal, and sweet potatoes several days ahead of the run and even on the morning of the run. Lean protein like chicken and beef should be part of your regular diet as well as post-run recovery meal. Eat berries and leafy greens to get antioxidants to fight the post-run stress. Remember to eat at the right time to ensure your fuel isn't slowing you down!
Why You Should Walk, Not Run, Your Way To Fat Loss

Why You Should Walk, Not Run, Your Way To Fat Loss

While running increases cortisol, walking decreases it. When cortisol levels are lower, you’re setting yourself up to be more insulin-sensitive and enable calorie burning. You’re able to manage and control hunger and cravings leading to fat loss. You increase the presence of neurotransmitter like serotonin and dopamine that enhance mood and overall wellness.