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Considering Penis Enlargement? Get The Facts Right First!

It is a fact that the average self-reported length of an erect penis is 5.6 inches, and not the much-hyped 6 inches. Also, penoplasty doesn't result in larger erections, but only lets the flaccid penis hang out at full-length instead of allowing it to retract towards the pubic bone. Furthermore, surgery is not always necessary, and fat injections may actually mess up a perfectly normally functioning organ.

Dry Skin On Penis? Know The Symptoms, Causes, And Remedies

Skin dryness is a common skin problem that many people face especially during winters. This problem can usually be taken care of easily by...

6 Must-knows About Peyronie’s Disease: Curving Of The Penis

Peyronie’s disease involves the formation of hard scar tissue or plaque in the penis. As a result, the penis develops a curve that can interfere with regular erections in the presence or absence of sexual stimulation. It may also make penetration during sex difficult or impossible. Applying castor oil on your penis and drinking pineapple juice may help relieve your symptoms.

25 Foods That Improve Penis Health And Increase Libido

Improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle have only increased the sexual problems among men. Low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and low sperm count are some of these issues. Many over-the-counter pills and medications are available, but these medicines have their own set of side-effects and are expensive. Moreover, these issues can be resolved through natural methods bu consuming fruits, vegetables, and nuts. They are healthy, inexpensive, delicious and offer the perfect remedy.
Weird Facts About Your Clitoris)

6 Weird Bits Of Trivia About Your Clitoris

Despite being such an important part of our body, the clitoris remains shrouded in mystery. Most men can’t seem to find it without a...

7 Great Benefits And 4 Side Effects Of Peanut Butter You Should Know About

With its high content of fiber, proteins, and healthy fats, its a no-brainer that peanut butter can benefit our health in multiple ways. From helping us shed fat and increasing longevity to boosting brain power and building good bone health, peanut butter has now found its way into our every day diet. However, it's best to stick to the appropriate serving size, as too much peanut butter may lead to weight gain and inflammation. Steer clear from processed brands to avoid hydrogenated oils and chemical preservatives, and stick to two spoonfuls of the organic variety each day to get the best of your peanut butter.

7 Facts About Erections You Might Not Know

Your penis is a fascinating part of your body. It seems to have a mind of its own. Getting an erection in the inappropriate...

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaginas

Vaginas are mysterious things. From lady boners to being known as nature's pocket. Read on, to uncover the secrets of the vagina.

Why Do Men Know So Little About The Organ They Love?

Through childhood we don't talk about the penis, until in high school when we are told about its basic functionality. This leaves erectile dysfunction, dribbling and premature ejaculation in the dark. Do some research, meet a doctor if you feel abnormal in that department, discuss your problems with people and take appropriate action rather than shying away.