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PCOS Detox: 8 Lifestyle And Diet Changes You Need To Make Now

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects 1 in 10 women of childbearing age. In this condition, women produce an excess amount of testosterone than required. Any...

10 Simple Tips For Your Much-Needed Sugar Detox

Do you find it difficult to lose those last few stubborn pounds even though you are exercising regularly? Unfortunately, you can't get rid of...
best ways to cleanse your body

10 Effective Ways To Cleanse Your Body

Adding fiber to your diet, eating antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and cutting down on salt can help clear your body of toxins. So can avoiding alcohol and smoking, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep. Milk thistle is a herb you can use to improve liver function and so are turmeric and licorice. If you’re looking for a comprehensive detox program, try the panchakarma therapies advocated by Ayurveda.

12 Homemade Enema Remedies For Colon And Liver Detox

An enema is a procedure that helps cleanse the colon and the liver. It has been used for ages and is an effective technique to eliminate toxins from the body. The process involves the introduction of a solution into the anus or rectum, which stimulates the bowel and removes waste from the body. Most of the solutions used in an enema can be prepared at home and can be self-administered.

These 6 Houseplants In Your Bedroom Can Improve Your Health Dramatically

If you think you are safe from pollution and toxins while staying indoors, you better think again. Though it is not obvious, you are...

7 Signs That Show Your Detox Routine Is Actually Working

Here are 7 common physical conditions that you may experience in the first few days of detoxing and ways to prevent/address these conditions as they arise.
Ashwagandha For Liver

Protected: Ashwagandha For Liver Health And Detox: 5 Proven Benefits

Ashwagandha prevents non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by eliminating risk factors like high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, diabetes, obesity, and PCOS. This antioxidant prevents and reverses liver damage from free radicals generated by toxins like carbendazim and drugs like gentamicin and paracetamol. It also improves liver function by balancing thyroid hormones. Take 1–2 tsps of its powder twice daily with meals.

8 Refreshing Reasons To Include Cucumbers In Your Daily Diet

Cucumbers have a rich nutritional profile along with an impressive list of health benefits. They can nourish your skin and hair, and even reduce your...

You Asked: Your Top 50 Health Questions Answered

1. How To Reset Your Hormones And Melt Fat? There is a direct relationship between hormones and weight loss. The very aspect of weight loss...
Eating Garlic On An Empty Stomach

Why To Eat Garlic On An Empty Stomach

Natural antibiotic if eaten right before breakfast, works as a natural and healthy filter for your stomach. Also relieves hypertension, treats stomach problems, counters nerve problems, treats tuberculosis, reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure and efficiently detoxifies blood.
purify your lungs naturally

Detox And Purify Your Lungs Naturally In 72 Hours/ 3 Days

Avoid dairy products. Drink a cup of herb tea before going to bed. Next morning squeeze 2 lemons in 300 ml of water and have before breakfast. Then have a 300 ml of grapefruit/pineapple juice (anti-oxidants). Between breakfast and lunch have 300 ml carrot juice and 400 ml of potassium rich juice with lunch. Finally, 400 ml cranberry juice before bedtime.
Santa Gave Me 5 Extra Pounds This Christmas

Santa Gave Me 5 Extra Pounds This Christmas

So you are just about done picking the New Year’s confetti out of your hair, but there is one sign of the holidays that...

4 Fool-Proof Ways To Detox Naturally

The Necessity For Detoxification Pertaining to the dietary and lifestyle imbalance nowadays, the process of detoxification as advocated by our ancient Seers, becomes all the...