6 Clear Signs That You Are A Sapiosexual Woman

Women are complicated creatures who can be hard to gauge most of the time. Different women get attracted to different traits and attributes. Some women find certain kinds of looks attractive whereas some might find humor attractive. There is an increasing group of people who like to identify themselves as ‘sapiosexuals’. Sapiosexual is a term that is used to refer to an individual who finds intellect and wit most attractive or arousing. A lot of women have started to identify themselves as sapiosexuals as they prefer having a long conversation over watching an adrenaline-filled movie. This term and concept have become so popular that people have started to use this term as a part of their personal descriptions on social media and online dating profiles. If you fall into the category of people who get impressed by clever repartee over seeing flexing of muscles, then you are definitely a sapiosexual. There are many signs that can prove a person is a sapiosexual. Here is a list traits of an individual who is a sapiosexual.

1. Wordplay Is Your Favorite Form Of Foreplay


You are a sexual being but not everything makes you feel tingly. Your favorite type of foreplay is witty banter that can tease your mind and in turn can tease your senses. Physicality of an individual cannot command your attention for long. Your mind tends to drift away when a person is incapable of teasing your brain. So, the perfect way to turn you on is to tickle your brain.

2. Your Concept Of A Perfect Date

Your idea of a perfect date might be little unusual. Not that you don’t enjoy a romantic dinner with champagne, but what really makes your heart skip a gentle beat is hanging around in a bookstore with your partner. Your perfect partner would know that about you and would share your passion. There is nothing more blissful to you than casually walking around a bookstore with your partner while talking about books with each other. Making casual recommendations about what to binge on next is what you would describe as romantic.

Smart Is Way More Than Theoretical Knowledge For You

You love reading and you love books. No two ways about it. But that doesn’t mean you hold on to a one-dimensional idea of smart. You necessarily don’t consider an individual with only theoretical knowledge as smart. For you, smart encompasses much more than book smart. A smart person according to you is someone who doesn’t only read books, but can also read people and their emotions. That is what you deem smart.

4. Your Ideal Partner Can Converse About Everything

You generally don’t get impressed easily. It takes quite a bit to impress you. A person who can hold a conversation about any topic under the sun, is someone who can impress you. A multi-dimensional mind is what you seek in your partner. Someone who is aware about the world he or she lives in. Your ideal partner is someone who can speak at length with both a 70-year-old and a 25-year-old.

Science Gives You Lady Boners

You love to know about the world you live in and learn about the great unknowns. Documentaries on diverse topics from astrophysics to theology are things that really pump you up with energy. You are someone who would rather watch National Geography over reading a copy of Vogue. Hence, a person who has a similar kind of wavelength would impress you.

6. Movie Night Means Hitchcock Or Kubrick

An individual can impress you immensely if their idea of a movie night includes classics or interesting movies rather than Expendables 11. You don’t love interesting movies to pretend to be smart but rather you genuinely enjoy watching movies that deal with human psyche. And a person who thinks in the same line is sure to impress you.


Sapiosexuals prefer brains over abs any day of the week. So, if you are one too, then keep looking for a fascinating brain that can complement yours.