6 Signs That Indicate You Need To See A Therapist ASAP

Therapy is awesome and can help people deal with their problems, express whatever it is they are feeling, identify complex emotions, and resolve emotional conflicts. But even with its many well-proclaimed benefits, people tend to hesitate or avoid going to therapy for a lot of varied reasons. They may attempt to suppress their emotions which could end up being extremely detrimental to their mental health. It is therefore essential that people try to resolve an issue in a timely manner instead of putting it for later. If you’re looking for signs that indicate when it’s high-time to consult a psychologist, read the list below.

1. Your Problem Is Disrupting Your Daily Life And Functioning

The first sign that indicates that your conflict has to dealt with as soon as possible is when it starts interrupting your daily functioning and life in general. Apart from the primary issue, the conflict may cause stress which might manifest itself through physical symptoms like headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, weight gain or loss, hair loss, and increased digestive and gastric issues. If you find that your stress or anxiety is getting in the way of work or class, affecting your relationships, and is inhibiting you from performing essential tasks in your life, then it’s vital that you book an appointment with a psychologist at your earliest convenience.

Nothing You’ve Done So Far Has Helped Resolve The Issue

It is natural and even healthy for us to try and fix our problems ourselves. We may resort to finding solace in reading self-help, journaling our thoughts, talking to our friends and loved ones, meditation, etc. But if you’ve done everything you could possibly think of and if the issue is still not resolved, it might be an indication that you need professional help. Therapy might be able to help you see your issue from another perspective which could make all the difference.

3. You Have Become Extremely Sensitive To Various Emotions


you begin to notice that you have become extremely sensitive and can’t seem to tolerate any kind of criticism, it might be a sign that you are suppressing emotions within yourself. This emotional suppression may be causing you extreme distress. You may loose your temper quickly or have emotional breakdowns when you’re least expecting it. If you have experienced this kind of emotional sensitivity, then it is advisable that you talk it out with a professional.

4. You Aren’t In A Position To Talk To Your Loved Ones

Our loved ones are usually the most accepting of our quirks but sometimes we may not be comfortable talking to them about what it is we are going through. We may fear hurting them or don’t want to overwhelm them with our burdens. If you feel like you can’t rely on your usual support system, you can always approach a therapist. It’s their job to listen and help you arrive at a resolution.

You Begin To Rely On Substances To Escape What You’re Feeling

If you begin to lean on substances like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or even food to escape from the reality that you are currently overwhelmed by, then it is essential that you seek help as soon as you can. It is vital to keep in mind that the temporary escape that these substances offer won’t help resolve the underlying issue and may only make things worse.

6. Your Friends And Family Have Asked You To Get Help

Sometimes even when the sign is as obvious as this one, many of us still end up ignoring it. If anyone in your life has hinted at the idea of getting help from a professional, then consider if there might be any truth to what they’re saying.