8 Reasons To Say No To Aerated Beverages

Aerated beverages like colas are international market leaders. They dominate a huge part of the consumer market internationally. Cola brands are in existence from the year 1889. So, these products have huge brand value and recognition. And due to the advertising carried out by these companies, people all around the world believe them to be ‘fun drinks’ that complement their meals. But, these fun drinks come with a huge number of health risks. Some of those reasons are listed below.

1. Kidney Decline

 Kidney decline

According to a research conducted by the Harvard Medical School, researchers have found out that diet soda can increase kidney decline by two folds. This research was carried out with a total of 3318 women over a period of 11 years.

2. Causes Dehydration

Causes dehydration

Sodas contain a high amount of caffeine. Caffeine acts as a diuretic. It dehydrates the body by inducing frequent urination in the drinkers. The dehydration of cells reduces their ability to absorb nutrients. Also, dehydration reduces the ability to eliminate waste from the body.

Increases The Risk Of Diabetes


High levels of sugars in the sodas can do more harm than you can imagine. High level of sugar in the blood puts a lot of pressure on the pancreas to produce sufficient amount of insulin to neutralize the amount of sugar present in the blood. And this can increase the risk of developing insulin resistance. Drinking sodas regularly can increase the risk of developing diabetes by 25%.

4. Increases The Risk Of Lung, Thyroid And Liver Cancer

Color of soda

The caramel color of the colas comes after a long chemical process. In this process, sugars react with ammonia and sulfites under very high temperature and pressure to produce 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole. According to a study conducted by the government, these chemicals have been found responsible for inducing lung, thyroid and liver cancer in lab rats.

Increases The Risk Of Obesity In Children

 Risk Of Obesity in children

Consumption of one soda daily can increase the risk of obesity in children by 60%. These sugary beverages have also been linked to many other health ailments other than obesity.

6. Damages Your Pearly Whites

 Damages teeth

According to a lab testing on sodas, the pH of the sodas was found to be as low as 2.5 which can damage the enamel of the teeth. The acidity of these sodas can be compared to other hard acids. The pH of a car battery is 1 and pH of water is 7. So, you can assume how healthy a cola is.

7. Affects Metabolism

Affects Metabolism


According to a research conducted by Dr. Hans-Peter Kubis at the Bangor University, England, drinking a sugary beverage daily for four weeks changed the metabolism of the subjects. Changed metabolism made it difficult for the subjects to lose weight and burn fat. The subjects consumed 140 grams of sugar for a month daily which changed their metabolism.

8. Diet Sodas Are Equally Bad


Diet sodas have been hailed as the savior for the health-conscious group of individuals. But, that is far from the truth. These diet sodas are made using aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener. These sweeteners produce certain chemicals inside our bodies which can weaken our proteins. Aspartame has been linked to many diseases like cancer, seizures, depression, birth defects, obesity, Alzheimer’s, lupus, multiple sclerosis and attention deficit disorder.

Thus, say no to all the sodas and not just any particular brand as they all are equally bad for your health. Choose healthier alternatives to quench your thirst.