5 Reliable Ways To Prepare Yourself For A Natural Birth

A drug-free delivery with minimum or no medical intervention is how some women envisage their birth. However, 9 out of 10 women who plan to have a natural birth end up requiring some or the other medical aid during delivery. Let us understand what natural birth really is.

What Is Natural Birth?

Natural birth refers to birth without the usual medical intervention, especially an anesthesia. History has been a witness that women have birthed without any medical facilities that we have today. Many women wish to have a natural drug-free delivery—unlike a far-fetched dream, it is very much possible when women get the right guidance, knowledge, and support.

Natural Birth Vs. Normal Birth

Some often confuse natural birth with vaginal birth, while others think the delivery simply involves vaginal birth sans pain relief drugs.

A normal birth may need certain interventions like drugs to speed up the labor, breaking the water, induction of labor, administration pain-relieving drugs.

Natural birth, however, involves allowing the water to break naturally and avoiding the use of drugs to trigger a quick delivery of the placenta.

If you intend to have a natural birth, these 5 ways will help you increase your chance of a drug-free delivery.

Have A Birth Plan

Many women think there is no use of having a birth plan as most of the times things don’t happen as planned. However, having a birth plan and discussing it with your obstetrician or midwife will give you a clarity about the possibilities during birth. You might find answers to your questions while getting to know the details of the process of labor and birth.

A birth plan could include laboring and birthing in a different position or have your husband and doula around you during labor. Moms should also note that a birthing plan might change if the need arises, taking into account your and baby’s safety.

2. Find A Supportive Midwife Or Obstetrician

Have a round of question-answer session with your midwife or obstetrician—it will clear your doubts and make you feel comfortable in taking the decision of having a natural birth. Share your birth plan with them and discuss whether it will work out for you and your baby and what could be the possible risks.

As compared to a midwife, it is tougher to find an obstetrician who is completely in favor of natural birth without any medical aid. There might be a situation when your obstetrician won’t agree to a natural delivery, for instance, in case of vaginal delivery after a cesarean or a breech baby.

Gather Knowledge And Educate Yourself

Before you make any decisions or write down your birth plan, gather as much information as you can. Understand how your body works during labor and birth—discuss with your doctor about the complications involved in the process. Don’t shy away from asking questions, let your doctor know your preferences clearly.

Every labor and birth is different—some situations might create the need for an intervention and moms should be prepared for it. Start reading books that encourage and guide you if you have planned for a natural birth.

4. Prepare Yourself

Join a childbirth class to prepare yourself and your partner for the birth. Attending prenatal classes will not only develop your mindset and make you confident about your choice, it will also help you find the company of like-minded people.


importantly, develop a healthy lifestyle before you plan to get pregnant—eat balanced food, exercise daily, sleep well and avoid stress before you plan your pregnancy and continue it till your baby is born.

Developing any medical complication like diabetes, kidney problems and high blood pressure before conceiving can increase the chances of medical interventions

5. Hire A Doula

A doula can offer you physical and mental support at the time of labor and birth. You may have found a supportive bunch of people around you when you are in labor, but unlike them, an expert doula will be encouraging and not sympathizing—their guidance could help you have a less painful and shorter duration of labor.

Trust yourself thinking that your body is capable of doing it. Understand that the pain of childbirth is not harmful but natural. Listen to your instincts and above all let your body take over the gradual process of birth.