Reasons You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night

Reasons You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night

Do you wake up at a specific every night repeatedly? You might just be blaming that last cup of coffee for this, but it’s actually due to the energy of your body, which you’re unaware about.

According to ancient Chinese medicinal methods, you wake up at certain hours in the night because of the energy meridians of the body that are also connected to a clock system. Waking up from sleep at different times is because of the energies corresponding to certain parts of your body that are weak or blocked.

1. 9:00PM To 11:00PM


This is the bed time for most people. If you’re not able to sleep in these hours, it’s due to the stress and worries of the day. You may also find that your fearful or anxious thoughts become louder and make you feel either threatened or unsafe in some way. If you are feeling ill you may experience stronger symptoms at this time. If you are having trouble sleeping during this hour, try reciting positive mantras that make you feel safe and protected. Meditate every day to calm your body and sleep better.

11:00PM To 1:00AM


This time frame is considered as the time when the energy meridian of the gall bladder is active. You’re going through emotional disappointment at this time. Blocked energy in this meridian could indicate that you are being too judgmental with yourself or with others. If you have been disappointed by a loved one you may also feel triggered at this time. Practice forgiveness and self-acceptance to sleep well. The meridian that services your gall bladder is activated during these hours.

3. 1:00AM To 3:00AM


You stay awake at this time because of the energy meridian associated with the liver. It deals with anger and the yang energy. Blockages in the liver meridian can also indicate anger, anxiety, guilt and rage. In fact, feelings of unresolved anger and resentment could manifest at this time. Try to take ownership of the situation and reflect on the truth of how you really feel. It may also help to practice self-loving affirmations and positive self-talk. Waking up during this time may also indicate that your body has too much yang energy, so try balancing it with more yin energy by eating cooling foods and connecting with your emotions.

3:00AM To 5:00AM


This is when the meridian that services the lungs is strongest. Of course, we are always breathing but during these hours the lungs are given a boost of energy and are replenished for the day ahead. In order to breathe the body has to be relaxed, so waking up during this time could indicate a blockage or inability to go with the flow and relax into the direction that life is taking you. To ease any emotional feelings at this time, try to release control over events and have more faith and trust in the flow of the Universe. You may also benefit from taking deep, conscious breaths.

5:00AM To 7:00AM


This is when the meridian that flows into the large intestine is activated and symbolizes a need to let go and release control. The large intestine is responsible for clearing the body of toxic waste from our digestive system, so waking up during this time could indicate a weakness in this area. You may also wake at this time if you are feeling emotionally blocked or restricted in your life in some way. It may also be a sign that you need to release and let go of guilt or burdening emotions. If you find yourself waking during this time, you may benefit from practicing mantras that promote letting go, relaxing and trusting in divine timing. You may also benefit from stretching or cleansing your body.