10 Reasons You Should Play Board Games With Your Kids

Don’t wait for bad weather to bring out the board games!

Playing board games with your kids has way more benefits than you think it does. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

1. Board Games Keep Kids Off The Screen

Board games are a great substitute for the kids being glued to their iPads, iPods and computer games, providing them a total disconnection from the virtual world for some time and provide a great opportunity for face-to-face interactions.

2. They Help Build A Bond

In today’s times when work and other responsibilities keep all of us on our toes with almost no time for leisure, board games can be a great way to spend uninterrupted time with each other as a family.

3. They Teach Them How To Be A Good Sport

Playing board games with your kids helps you model how to be gracious, whether you win or lose. And when they see you losing and still enjoying the game, they’ll learn that playing the game and having fun is more important than winning or losing. They’ll also learn to distinguish in-game attacks and personal attacks.

They Teach Them Social Skills

Board games teach kids some invaluable lessons like waiting for their turn, working with others as a team, sharing and being patient. They learn that there are times when they will get to act, and times when they will need to wait. This teaches them to be patient in real life.

5. Kids Learn About Actions And Consequences

Board games teach kids to witness the consequences of their actions in a closed environment. They see their actions impacting themselves and others in their team, and it is a valuable life lesson and helps them develop a mindset to see how their actions will have consequences in the real world.

6. They Teach Them How To Make Tough Choices

Board games give kids the ability to make tough decisions. Games often require one to make a decision one way or the other or choose between equally rewarding options. This improves their decision-making ability. This also teaches them how to balance risks and benefits.

They Improve Math Skills

Most board games need some basic arithmetic. Playing board games will give your kids enough practice and improve their math skills.

8. They Teach Them To Think Ahead

The more complex board games will force your kids to not just think about their current turn, but also plan an overall game strategy. In a game of chess, for instance, they wouldn’t want to kill the opponent’s pawn if they knew that it will put their queen at risk.

9. They Teach Them Practical Skills

Many board games give kids valuable lessons that they can use in real life. Business related board games like monopoly teach them the value of money, how to negotiate and when to be willing to take risks.

They Help Save Money On Entertainment

Board games happen to be the least expensive way to keep everyone entertained. They can be played over and over and can be used for years together.

Board games are great mediums for parents to communicate with their children. They ensure that we see our kids growing up right in front of our eyes, and not while we are hunched away on our laptops and phones. They don’t even require intense physical activity. And all they need in terms of investment is your time.

Board games are great for families to have fun together. Especially on those dark nights when the electricity goes out and all you need is a flashlight and a board game of your choice.