7 Reasons You Refuse To Answer Questions About Your Baby’s Conception

Babies aren’t delivered by storks that is what makes them interesting. Many people wish to know more than that a couple is pregnant and are going to be parents soon. Unfortunately, they ask questions that not everyone is excited to answer.

Pregnancy is a personal affair for a couple and not all parents are willing to share information unless you are a close friend or family. However, few annoying people still throw questions like ‘when did you start trying?’ or ‘what is the gender of the baby?’

Here is why you as a would-be parent must straight away refuse to share any personal information which you think is absurd and may make you feel uncomfortable talking about it.

1. You Don’t Want Them To Imagine You Making Babies

When people ask about the baby’s conception or how many months into the pregnancy, whether intentional or not, they often venture through your mind into your bedroom space after doing their math.

If they are not mindful you don’t have to blurt out the answer and assume what picture is playing in their head—you can refuse to answer.

You Hate Receiving Opinions On Most Favorable Due Dates

The baby will come when the time is right and you don’t want to receive suggestions on having a baby in winters or when the spring arrives. If a friend brings up the topic of babies born under certain horoscope signs, at least, you know he/she is an annoying company.

3. You Don’t Wish To Share Information About Your Kid

Though they aren’t born yet, you don’t like to tell people much about your little one. This will continue even when your kid will be a little toddler and you might just upload a single picture in about 3 months on a social media site—of course until the day they create their own accounts and get selective about what people should know about them.

4. You So Want To Avoid Weird Questions That Follow

You know that if you reluctantly answer one question, the next will still follow up and make it more awkward. People still want to dig into the topic and ask questions like ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’ or ‘Was it a planned baby?’


is better to stop at the first awkward question to avoid the risk of answering the next few.

5. You Weren’t Really Sure When Things Happened

Questions about your baby’s conception are awkward but it is not necessary that you actually know the answer to all of them. If they ask when did you conceive, instead of snapping back at them for the absurdity of the question, you could honestly reply you don’t know.

While most couples are trying every alternative day, most don’t know when it hit the bull’s eye and they became pregnant. So, it can be pretty unpredictable and so are the due dates to some extent.

6. The Due Date Isn’t Always The Right Time

Some babies are born early, others are born a week later than the assigned due date. Many times, your due date may not be the day your baby wants to arrive—another reason you may not want to share your due date. Also, if you answer that who knows, the next question could be whether you are planning to induce.

7. You Fear Disclosing Anything Until You Are Very Sure


is obvious to hide things before your bump and breasts start giving away your secret, giving others the license to throw at you an endless series of questions related to your pregnancy.

The reason you want to keep mum about it is due to the fear that something might go wrong with your pregnancy or your baby. The risks, of course, linger for at least first few weeks.

Since it is about your pregnancy and your baby, you aren’t answerable to anyone around you. In reply to those silly questions you can always ditch them by saying ‘No Comments’.