6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Drinking Alcohol

Excessive drinking habits could negatively affect your relationships, career, and health. You may be a party fanatic who loves to let loose and chug down a few drinks more often than not. But the rewards of quitting alcohol are far greater than the high you get.

When you don’t burden your body with alcohol, your overall health will improve and if you are a diabetic or have high levels of cholesterol, expect significant improvements there as well. You will also notice considerable changes in your overall attitude toward life. Need more reasons to quit? Let’s tell you, in detail, just why now is the time to quit drinking alcohol.1

1. Improves Your Liver And Overall Health

A potential danger of excessive drinking is a build-up of fat in the liver. Alcohol damages the lining of the intestine, allowing gut bacteria to enter the bloodstream where they can damage the cells. But, when you slowly start to wean off from alcohol, the damage will be reversed.2


There will be significant changes in your cholesterol and glucose levels. Abstaining from alcohol will also reduce your blood sugar levels, an important factor for people with type 2 diabetes. Blood pressure will be under control once you stop drinking alcohol.3 4

2. Increases Stamina

We have all had sluggish mornings because of the one too many drinks the night before. Alcohol drains all your energy, making you feel lethargic and cranky. There is no room for any physical activity. But, quitting alcohol allows you to be energetic in the morning.5

Combine the lifestyle change with a short 10-minute walk every day to stay relaxed and energetic the entire day. You’ll find it easier to your daily routine without any stress or crankiness. And, quitting will also give you more time for activities like swimming or any other sport since you have more energy and stamina.6

Helps With Weight Loss

Alcohol is calorie-heavy, with at least 7 calories per gram to be exact. That number soon adds up to your overall calories per day. Once you stop drinking alcohol, weight loss can thus be easier to obtain and sustain.7

No alcohol also means no snacks, spicy sides, or binge-eating. Your meals will not only be healthier but also consistent. This effect will be enhanced when you have more energy and stamina to exercise, helping you lose those extra pounds.8

4. Improves Your Appetite

Your appetite will significantly improve after you quit alcohol. Alcohol is a drink that messes up your instincts, making you think that you are not hungry or vice versa. Being a diuretic, it will also make you feel more thirsty than you actually are.9


When you go off of alcohol, you will start to enjoy the taste of food rather than feeling like you’re shoving garbage down your throat every time you are drunk. Taste buds will improve and you may even experience tastes that you never thought existed.10

5. Helps You Sleep Better

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not have a sedative effect. After the initial stage of sleep, alcohol actually has a negative effect on your sleep. You will experience a disrupted sleep coupled with frequent trips to the bathroom and crankiness the following morning. Quitting alcohol allows you to sleep better, have more free time to do your chores, and wake up the following morning with a gush of energy, ready to take on the day.11

6. Boosts Concentration

Once you quit alcohol, your concentration levels improve considerably. You will perform tasks with more enthusiasm and efficiency. All of this is possible because of the refreshing mornings, the energetic walks or exercises, and the overall confidence in being the best version of yourself without the fear of a hangover or the accompanying crankiness.12


Saying no to alcohol is probably the best thing you can do for your health and well-being. This move will make you a much better person and help you stay positive in life.