7 Reasons To Choose Home Birth

The technological advancement has equipped hospitals to give the best care during childbirth. Most hospitals have come up with family-centered birthing suites, providing compassionate attention and utmost safety. Yet, a few American women prefer their own homes to give birth. Ever wondered why they choose to decline the facilities at hospitals? For them, nothing replaces the safety and comfort provided by their own homes. Does it tempt you to try homebirth? Here are the reasons for you to consider homebirth.

You Like Home Environment

Who doesn’t love a calm, loving, and peaceful atmosphere when they struggle with labor pain? No wonder, this is the most popular reason for choosing home birth. When you are in active labor, a familiar environment like your home may help you relax. A labor center with the noises and bustle of a hospital setting may not be the place for you.

You Have A Great Support System

When you enter active labor, depending on the hospital policy, only your partner will be allowed in the room. If you are a person who loves to be in the company of your family, you will be disappointed. But at home, you will have a great support system to entertain and calm you when pain strikes. You feel safe and comfortable in their presence. Anyone who loves this peace and quiet ambiance will go for a home birth.

Had A Negative Hospital Experience

Ladies, have you ever had a bad experience at the hospital? If you ever felt insecure and fear in a hospital environment, you will never go back there, especially for childbirth. You like to have a peaceful atmosphere for your delivery because of the impact of former negative birth experiences. Even your friend’s negative experience at a hospital may force you to stay away from hospitals.

You Are Comfortable With Your Midwife

You will never go back to a healthcare provider if you are not happy with him/her. In hospitals, you do not have an option but to choose a doctor in the hospital. Well, at home birth you get to pick up your care providers you know and trust. She has all necessary medical supplies like in a birth center. With a midwife, your wishes will get attention and care. She will help you to have the birth you really wanted.

Hate Hospital Policies

Being an advocate of vaginal birth, you may not like to visit a hospital where there is a high rate of c-sections. Moreover, you may not like policies of those hospitals. Even if these hospitals are nearby, you may want to avoid them and try a home birth. Rather than being controlled by the hospital medical team, you may like to have some control over your birthing experience. For someone who likes freedom and autonomy, home birth is a safe option.

You Don’t Want Interventions

Monitors, epidural, IVs, drugs – those women who had their delivery at the hospital, know that there is a lot of scope for intervention. Many women want to avoid unnecessary medical interventions that are common in hospital births. They believe that childbirth proceeds best when it is not interfered with. At hospitals, you may be tempted to take the epidural too. If you have a desire for an intervention-free birth, choose home birth.

You Want To Be With Your Newborn


is the best thing about home birth. There is no separation from your baby immediately after birth. You can enjoy every moment with your newborn without any intervention. Providing immediate skin to skin, you could nurture your baby in a better way. You can just snuggle up with your newborn.