5 Ways To Overcome Boredom In A Relationship

Fairy-tales always end at the point when two people who love each other decide to be with each other. But what happens after that? We may all be aware that the honeymoon phase ends, but nevertheless we worry when the relationship begins to get predictable and boring. The relationships we see in movies or read in books where passion remains constant and spirits are always high are extremely unrealistic and may set false expectations in our minds. If you’re in a relationship with someone you love and find that you’re bored, here are some things you can try.

1. Communicate Honestly And Openly With Your Partner About How You Feel

It is essential that you communicate openly and honestly with your partner about how you feel. You partner may or may not feel the same way as you do. If they do feel the same way, you can work on a solution together. If they don’t feel the same way, it might be a sign that your partner has accepted the current reality and is at peace with it. Ensure that in either case, both of you spend some quality time with each other even if this means taking some time off from work or other commitments. Talk to each other about how it felt like when you met for the first time and revisit those past happy memories.

Discover Something New Together

Whether it’s starting a new TV show together or travelling to a place that both of you haven’t been to, it might help if you decide to explore and discover something new together. This process of external-discovery may lead you to self-discovery or may help you find something new about your partner that you weren’t aware of before. If the cause for your boredom is predictability, try switching up your individual schedules or routines that you’ve gotten accustomed to.

3. You May Be In Need Of A Change In Perception


stories in movies and books should never set the standard of expectation in our actual lives. But unfortunately, they often do. Our unrealistic perception of what a relationship ought to be may be interfering with our actual relationship. Sometimes, understanding and accepting where the relationship is might lead you to be at peace with it. We may also begin to expect our partners to be dynamic people so that our interest in them and the relationship is maintained. But it is important to keep in mind that we cannot expect other people to change for us, rather we can only change ourselves.

4. Express Your Love For Your Partner

You may find that in spite of the relationship being boring, you still love your partner and can’t imagine being with anyone else. Express these feelings to each other. It is important to let your partner know how much you appreciate and value them. Don’t let the boredom you’re feeling now affect the quality of relationship you share with the one you love. Through this selfless expression of your love for your partner, you may begin to rediscover why you chose to be with them in the first place. Hopefully, they’ll feel the same way.

It’s Always Okay To Ask For Help

If you’ve tried your best to make the relationship less boring and if it hasn’t worked, it’s always okay to seek professional help. A therapist or counselor can help you see things differently and may help you find the root cause of your boredom. Counselling may just be what the both of you need right now to help reignite the flame and keep it burning for a long time.