The Latest Natural Beauty-Trends Taking The Industry By Storm

It has always been believed that beauty products are toxic, but here is a piece of good news for you! Non-toxic beauty products have finally seen success and the beauty market has started booming with natural offerings. There has been a great infusion of brands and products to the natural space of beauty this year and consumers have myriad beauty options available. The natural beauty options range from original tried and tested granola brands to modern and luxurious beauty experiences. What has got popular this year are amazing game-changing techniques and innovative products, and this is due to the mass realization that beauty needs an “inside-out” approach to be taken care of rather than just a skincare regimen alone.

1. Superfoods And Supplements

Superfoods and vitamin supplements can help you stay healthy and beautiful.

Since ages now, it has been recommended by estheticians, nutritionists, and yogis that a bright and clear skin can be the result of eating healthy foods. Adding superfoods and supplements in your diet can remove potential irritants like sugar, alcohol, dairy, and caffeine by keeping in mind certain individual sensitivities and help you become healthier and more beautiful.


beauty regimes have removed pomegranate and acai berries from the list of superfoods and have added algae, collagen, and manuka honey. When you cannot find certain essential nutrients, get yourself vitamin supplements that support a healthy body, glowing skin, and lustrous hair. While collagen helps the skin tighten and tone down, raw manuka honey with its various enzymes offer anti-inflammatory benefits, boosts immunity, and has a lower glycemic index than sugar. Algae is detoxifying and offers dense nutritional benefits.

2. Hybrid Makeup And Skincare Products For The Skin

Hybrid makeup helps save time and maximize skin benefits.

What is “hybrid makeup”?

When two or more beauty benefits are offered by one product alone, it is known as a hybrid makeup product. This year, the makeup category has enjoyed a lot of growth in hybrid beauty products, and they are more efficient with enhanced color formulas and are more focused on natural ingredients. The busy bees today run out of time while applying makeup, and hybrid makeup can not only minimize their time spent but also, maximize skin benefits.


examples of hybrid makeup are those color-correcting primer drops that also makes the skin tone even, facial powders that smoothen the skin, serums that work like moisturizers, mascara that contains serum for the growth of those lashes, and many more.

3. Go Natural With Your Deodorants

(Use aluminium-free natural deodorants.)

Discard those antiperspirants that have the bad reputation of containing aluminium. Applying those deodorants directly onto our lymph nodes on a daily basis can clog our sweat glands, and while they leave us with drier underarms, they don’t allow our bodies to detox naturally. To help us deal with this situation, aluminium-free, natural deodorants have come into being and many leading brands have made aluminium-free deodorants easily accessible.

New, innovative formulas have become popular and these natural deodorants not only have new and improved fragrances, but many are also free of baking soda made especially for sensitive skin and can be found in many formats that include pots, sprays, and even sticks.

Probiotic Products For Healthy Skin

Topical and oral probiotic products will soon get popular in the beauty industry.)

Probiotics are essential to maintain a healthy gut and glowing skin, and we all know that well. But there is more to this. The beauty market will soon offer probiotic products especially to take care of your skin.

While topical probiotics will help us by balance our skin inside out, oral probiotics will help restore tissue homeostasis. This will improve our skin greatly, and these probiotic products will all be vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO as well.

5. Opt For Cleansing Dust Rather Than Your Oil Cleanser

Oil cleansers have been replaced with powder cleansers or cleansing dust


cleansers are new in the market and have gained quite some space in the beauty industry. This is because of various good reasons. Cleansers in the form of powder need lesser preservatives than liquefied oil cleansers. Powdered cleansers will help you multitask making them useful for a mask or even facial treatment.

Cleansing dusts contain natural ingredients such as arrowroot, clay, cacao, rice bran, dried milk, and matcha, which are all super healthy and quite beneficial in many ways. These powders will even be easy to carry!

6. Botulinum Toxin Replaced By Facial Massages

Botox has been replaced with facial gua shua and other facial massages.

True that botulinum toxin has benefited people around the world since quite some time now, but an East Asian technique called gua shua has proved to be better. Gua shua is a holistic treatment to detoxify the skin and combat aging. While the literal meaning of gua shua is scraping, facial gua shua is much gentler. Facial gua shua uses similar tools and scraping patterns but in the end, it moves the blood and lymph in the body as it works like a massage.


massage helps manipulate facial fascia and there have even been other facial massages popular today. Some of them include eye rollers, jade rollers, face de-puffing, micro-current facials, etc. Spa treatments can be pricey, but they are all sustainable, and DIY-at home elements are also available that help you improve the texture, tone, and structure of your skin easily.

7. Eco-Friendly Formulas Make Things Even Better

Certain side effects of beauty care products come from artificial and plastic packaging. Now that we need to take care of both our health and the earth, eco-friendly formulas and eco-friendly packaging can help us remove certain side effects. Being mindful about packaging, exploring ingredients, offering refills, and using recycled materials can help us protect the earth and eliminate potential side effects that may arise from beauty products.

With all these natural beauty trends in practice, the beauty industry will be booming with health benefits and effective treatments soon.