Is A Healthy Liver The Secret To Good Skin?

Makeup can help you fake perfect skin, but nothing can come close to having naturally flawless skin. More people today are beginning to realize that paying extra attention to their diet is crucial to achieving perfect skin. Most organic food is priced high, but that doesn’t stop people from buying it in the hopes that it will help them get glowing skin. While staying healthy is undoubtedly a great way to achieve healthy skin, there is one organ in particular that can play a deciding role in your skin health.

What Does Your Liver Do?

Your liver is your body’s main detoxifying organ. Every day, your body comes into contact with harmful toxins in the food you eat. If these toxins were allowed to run through your body unchecked, they would cause serious damage. Your liver is the organ responsible for filtering out these toxins and rendering them harmless. If you’re eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle, then your liver will also be functioning optimally. However, if you’re binge drinking and living off junk food, then your liver is going to face a toxic overload.


what does this mean for your skin? Your skin is a direct reflection of how healthy you are on the inside. If your liver isn’t able to filter out all the toxins effectively, then their negative effects are going to show up on your skin. This is why health specialists always recommend focusing on your health in a holistic manner if you want to get better skin. If your liver is overloaded with toxins, then you’re going to start seeing acne outbreaks, premature aging, dullness and sagginess on your skin.

The Effects Of An Unhealthy Liver On Your Skin

A normal healthy liver converts toxins into harmless substances. However, when it’s unable to do its job properly, the toxins aren’t fully broken down and are still very harmful. Most times, if your liver doesn’t filter them, they end up getting purged through your pores. If you have severe acne or blackheads, this could be because toxins aren’t getting eliminated by your liver. Inflammation and puffiness can also be caused by an overloaded liver.


way your liver health can affect your skin is through the breaking down of fat. Your liver plays an important role in breaking down fats to convert them into usable compounds. When your liver is too congested with toxins, it’s unable to properly break down fat. To take up some of the load, your skin steps in and tries to break down the fat. But since breaking down fat isn’t your skin’s primary job, it distracts it from other crucial functions. Sebum regulation is one of your skin’s most important tasks and helps regulate natural moisture levels in the skin. If your skin isn’t able to regulate it, then it can lead to sebum overproduction. Excessive sebum that is loaded with toxins spread all over your skin, making you a prime candidate for acne.

How To Keep Your Liver Healthy


your liver healthy isn’t rocket science. In most cases, as long as you lead a healthy lifestyle, your liver should be in excellent working condition. But what exactly constitutes a healthy lifestyle? The first thing you need to do when you’re trying to nurture your liver back to health is to moderate or eliminate your alcohol consumption. Alcohol is the worst thing your liver can encounter because it’s essentially a poison. Cutting out alcohol entirely, at least for a set period of time, is always the most effective way to help your liver recover. But if the pull of beer is too strong for you to resist, then you could try cutting down on how much you drink it. Try not to drink more than one drink each week if you want to start seeing an improvement in your skin.