7 Things To Do To Feel Sexy Every Day

Feeling sexy in your skin can be a liberating as well as empowering experience. We live in a sexually repressed society where people are taught to not own up to their sexuality and desires. But sexuality is a human aspect of our personality. So, whether we like it or not, it is a part of us. Accepting that part can liberate us from guilt and shame that we carry around. Also, it can give a boost of confidence that can make us more confident in our skin. The word ‘sexy’ has been loosely used to always communicate one dimension of beauty. But being sexy is so much more than that. It is something that everyone can be if they let themselves believe in it. Here is a list of things you can do to feel sexy and confident every day.

1. Acceptance Is The Key

Accepting yourself in whatever shape and size you are in will liberate you from all the issues that you have with your body which stop you from feeling sexy. So, accept the way how you look and you would find yourself sexy in your body. The key to be sexy is to feel it in your skin and being. You gotta believe that you are sexy and so you will be. You don’t need validation from others to make you feel sexy. The only validation you require is yours. So, give yourself that and feel sexy.

Deal With Your Past To Feel Sexy In Your Present

If you keep procrastinating getting over your ex-partner, you will never be able to give your present your heart and soul. You need to be in your complete element to be able to feel your best. So, let go of your hurt and pain that you have been holding on to. That is what is stopping you from moving forward in your life. Leave all the baggage of your past at the check out counter and move on to the present.

Improve Your Lovemaking Skills

The key to be great at lovemaking is to start with the heart. You need to touch another person’s heart and soul for him or her to completely feel your presence. If you can make that connection, then you can be great in bed. Sex is like making a work of art. It is all about being present in the moment and responding to the stimuli that are coming your way. Be both receptive and giving in bed to be great at it.

4. Find Your Truth

Knowing who you are will set your soul free. When you know who you are, you would stop trying to live your life to please others by emulating others. Knowing your worth will stop you to crave for attention. And it will give you the confidence to wait for the right thing to come your way. You will not settle for anything that is not worthy of your time.

Learn To Be Comfortable Naked

It is very important that you make peace with the body you are given. Nothing would be more liberating for you than practicing to be comfortable in your nakedness. We layer ourselves because we feel shy in our own bodies. But if you can get over that mental block, you can be truly confident in your skin.

6. Dress Up And Go Out For Yourself

You don’t need an occasion to dress up. Do it for yourself and take yourself out on a date. Do everything that you would want someone else to do on a date for you. Enjoy your company. It will really help you to see things differently and enjoy things differently.

7. Learn To Love Your Life

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We can be really overwhelmed with our problems sometimes to appreciate all the great things we have in our lives. So, learn to love your life the way it is. It might not be perfect but it is the only one you got and there is lots in it to love.

Find comfort in your skin and life to feel sexy every day. And do it for yourself and not others.