A Simple Guide To Be A Great Modern-Day Father

Fathers are just as much responsible for their children as mothers are nowadays. Hence, it means that men have to juggle both their professional commitments with their personal lives. Since the power dynamics of homes is changing, men are increasingly being required to rise up to the occasion and take more responsibility at home. Being an absentee father is no more an option for modern day men. And they understand that. Thus, many men are working very hard to manage everything successfully. It can be difficult at first but little adjustments and some changes can help men to navigate the choppy waters of fatherhood successfully.

Every man has a unique way of communicating and raising his children. But child experts believe that a healthy mix of three traits can provide fathers with a successful way of being a great dad. These three traits are engagement, accessibility and responsibility. These three traits are the right way forward for men who are trying to ace fatherhood.

Be More Engaged


to experts, men need to be more engaged with their children and be present for them. ‘Being present’ means more than just being physically present. It means that they need to engage with their children and talk to them. That is more important than the physical presence. Your children need to know that you are emotionally present for them.

Regular communication is very important for building a good relationship with children. Initially, you would find it hard because children can ask a lot of unusual questions. But this is a great way of getting to know them and form a loving bond. The key to great communication is to listen. So, listen to your children. And don’t just listen but pay attention too. This is a way of knowing about their inner world. And listening to them talk is the best way to get an entry into their inner circle. Entering their inner circle would get more and more difficult as they grow older. So, become their confidant when they are young because then you can be closer to them even when they are older.

Is Important

Professional commitments can often take a toll on our personal lives. For a lot of dads, coming home on time can become a big challenge. But it is important that you prioritize your personal life just as much as your professional commitments. Children grow up faster than it may seem. So, be there for them when you can. If you miss this time, you might lose your window of opportunity to be close to them. Try to get home early as much as you can and spend time with them. Go for walks, introduce them to different types of music etc. All these can be your way of bonding with your children.

You need to keep an open mind about your children. You need to understand that your children are getting exposed to a lot more things compared to what you got at their age. So, keep an open mind and keep the channel of communication open to solve any conflicts that may arise.


can bring your children closer to you than your affection. Your children will feel naturally closer to you if they feel loved by you. So, physically show your love by cuddling them and hugging them.

Responsibility Is The Key

Love and understanding are important but you need to make sure that you are teaching the values of rules and discipline to them as well. They need to know that they are accountable for their actions. Children learn everything from their parents. So, you need to lead by example. Your children would learn about life by seeing you. So, make sure that you are setting a good example for them.

Another very important thing is that you and your children should learn to work as a team. Both you and your children need to figure out a way to do that because then they will really rely on you and you can do the same.


is a hard job. And as our society is changing, so is the role of the primary caregivers. So, learn the hacks of being a great dad to be there for your children.