5 Natural Ways To Get Gray Coverage Without Chemicals

natural ways to cover gray hair without dyes

Although more and more of us are embracing the beauty of silver hair strands, many of us still love to add some color to those locks. Hair coloring is a great way to add a new dimension to our look but it does pose a lot of health hazards.

Scientific studies have found that most of the synthetic hair-coloring agents in stores are laden with potent carcinogens.1

On prolonged exposure, they can increase your chances of leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and bladder cancer. But what’s life without some color? That’s when we have to take a good look into our pantry for safe ways to get maximum gray coverage.

1. Coffee

cover gray hair naturally with coffee


Not just world’s favorite drink, coffee is also an effective and safe natural colorant to turn grey hairs brown. Apply a mixture of the following ingredients onto hair that’s washed and dried.

  • 1 cup of strong coffee decoction or espresso
  • Half cup of conditioner like vitamin-E rich almond or olive oil
  • 2 tbsp of coffee grounds

Wash it off with apple cider vinegar to ensure that the rich brown color stays longer. Coffee will turn gray hairs into an earthy brown hue. Repeat the process once a week to allow more color to deposit on the grays.

2. Tea

cover gray hair with tea

Tea although not as strong when compared with coffee decoction is a fair choice for giving your roots a touch-up. All you have to do is mix the following ingredients in a cup.

  • 1 cup of strong tea (brewed with 3-5 tea bags or a similar amount of loose-leaf tea)
  • Half cup of conditioner like vitamin-E rich almond or olive oil

Apply it on your hair and leave it for an hour. Repeat application on the gray strands if you need a deeper color.

3. Herbs

herbs can be used to cover gray hair

If you want to darken your hair color, you can opt for certain herbs that can help you achieve that.

  • To turn gray hair red: Wash your hair with boiled and cooled calendula, marigold, rosehips, and hibiscus. Leave it to dry and then rinse off
  • To turn gray hair brown: Boil a handful of dried sage to 1 liter of water and boil for 3o-45 minutes. Cool, strain and pour the infusion onto clean hair. Repeat once in a week until your hair has darkened

4. Henna

henna to cover gray hair naturally

For centuries dried and powdered henna has been used as a natural hair dye. Henna usually turns gray hair into a deep vermillion or copper. In addition to that, it protects the scalp from dandruff provides a cooling effect. Here’s how you can prepare a simple DIY henna hair pack.

  • 2 cups of henna powder
  • The juice of 1 lemon
  • 2 tablespoons of yogurt for conditioning
  • 1 tbsp of amla powder or crushed hibiscus powder

Mix them all in an iron vessel and leave it covered for 2 hours. Using a brush apply it all over your hair with gloved hands as henna can stain anything it comes in touch with. Cover your head with a shower cap. Leave it on for 6 hours at least or until the henna starts to flake. Wash your hair properly.2

5. Indigo

indigo for turning gray hair black

Indigo has a similar texture and consistency like henna. It’s the best for people who want to make their grays shades of auburn or black. Here’s how you can make an indigo-henna hair pack.

  • 1 cup of organic henna powder
  • 1 cup of indigo powder
  • Half cup of water with lemon squeezed in it
  • 2 tbsps of almond or olive oil

Apply the mixture onto your hair and leave it for 2-6 hours. Wahs it off to reveal hair that has got a healthy dark sheen.3

Caring For Colored Hair

Colored hair needs adequate hair that prevents color from getting washed out. Here are some simple tips to help retain color for a longer period.

  • Wash your hair not more than twice a week with a sulfate-free shampoo
  • Avoid curling or flat irons
  • Use a natural conditioner like coconut oil or shea butter to nourish the scalp

There are many other home remedies like beet juice and walnut shell concentrate that can be used for getting gray coverage. However, they don’t have enough scientific evidence to back their efficacy as natural hair dyes. Keep in mind that nonsynthetic hair dyes act slower than chemical ones. The fact that they are safe and pose no threat to your health is the best thing about using them.