Food Swaps That Can Make Your Diet More Alkaline

Alkaline diets are becoming increasingly popular with health-conscious people around the world because of their health effects. Alkaline diets are known for enhancing immune systems while reducing inflammation. Many celebrities are coming forth with the message of alkaline diet and its benefits to help the masses. Contrary to popular belief, this diet is not a luxury diet that can only be taken up by fancy movie stars. This diet is not hard to follow if people can just swap some of their acidic food items with easily available alkaline ones. But there is ignorance that exists regarding foods that are alkaline. So, before making the switch, people must know about the whole spectrum of food.

A Deeper Look Into The Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet has only one focus and that is to make our blood more alkaline in nature. All foods can be categorized into either alkaline or acidic food. The basis of this categorization is based on the effect a food produces in the body and its pH. And this has nothing to do with the acidity or alkalinity of a food per se. For example, lime and apple cider vinegar are thought to be acidic in nature, which is true. But these foods have an alkaline effect on the body once internalized.


pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. In the pH scale, 0 is highly acidic and 14 is highly alkaline. 7 is neutral. So, when the pH of our blood is neutral, it tends to make us much healthier. When our blood becomes too acidic, it can create a lot of problems for us. It can cause irritability, fatigue, loss of concentration and frequent sickness. The pH level of our blood is directly proportional to the food we eat. So, when we eat foods that have an alkalizing effect on our blood, it can enhance our health quotient. Fresh vegetables can have that effect on our bodies.

How can we make our diet more alkaline? Well, we can start by swapping some of our acidic food options with their alkaline counterparts.

The Swap

1. Coconut Milk Over Dairy

We all love a good ice-cream on a hot day. But cow’s milk has an acidic effect on our bodies. So, instead of consuming milk, you can give unsweetened coconut milk a try sometimes. Coconut milk is rich in healthy fats and contains high amount of potassium. If you are not a fan of coconut, then you can also opt for almond milk as it is highly alkaline in nature. And you can have delicious ice-creams as well because there are many companies that are making ice-creams from coconut milk. They taste delicious and don’t turn your blood acidic.

2. Green Leaf Stevia Over Sugar

Refined sugar is really bad for our health and it is not even a secret any more. Too much refined sugar can destroy the delicate balance of our hormones that is required for keeping us healthy. It can wreak havoc on our bodies. Hence, you can swap refined sugar with alkaline plant substitute such as green leaf stevia. According to research, green leaf stevia has no effect on our blood sugar levels and has an alkaline effect on our blood.

Coconut Oil Over Vegetable Oil

Commercially available oils like soybean oil, canola oil and sunflower oil are manufactured in a way that they are known for containing many toxins and are really bad for our health. It can make our blood acidic. So, you can choose coconut oil over vegetable oil. Coconut oil is alkaline in nature and can withstand high temperature, unlike other alkaline oils like flaxseed oil.

4. Green Tea Over Coffee

Coffee contains high amount of caffeine which is great for giving us an energy kick, but that kick comes without a positive health kick. Coffee can also make our blood acidic. So, you can opt for matcha green tea or green tea over coffee. Green tea contains a little amount of caffeine as well. So, it can give a health kick along with some energy kick.


swap the acidic foods today with alkaline foods to make yourself healthier and fitter.