10 Ways To Clear Negativity From Your Home

There are so many incredible reasons to keep the energy in your home free of negativity. You’ll feel more at ease in your home. You’ll be more refreshed and inspired. You’ll have better rest.

The ancient art of feng shui also teaches that happy homes with a feeling of flowing positive energy attract more wealth, opportunity, and love. Creating a sanctuary of high vibes and happiness will lift your whole life higher every day.

There are such simple ways to start lifting the energy around you today.  They’re especially good to try if you’ve had too much chaos or struggle in your life lately, but they are actually wonderful practices all the time because we can never have enough joy!

1. Open your windows. Fresh air is, quite simply, fresh!  In feng shui, when a particular space is stuffy, the energy becomes stagnant and feels blocked.  A fresh breeze increases the flow of chi (the good vibes!) that magnetize more good feelings.  Any time you need an energy boost, get some fresh air flowing!

2. Clear your space of the heavy stuff. Let go of bad memory objects and things you don’t like.  Even things that we have a negative emotional attachment to can be hard to eliminate, but it feels so great to dive in any way and let them go! Donating or recycling even one of two things that are lingering in your home that you don’t need or want is a huge life-lightener.


Burn some incense or cleansing herbs. If you are a fan of incense, burn your favorite one with the intention of lightening your space.  If you have a sage wand, lighting it up to smudge your space is always a great way to flood the air with negative ions that create a more positive space!

4. Add more light to your home. More light literally lightens things up!  Open your curtains to stream in more sunlight.  Turn on brighter lights in rooms that make you feel tired or drained.

5. Play music that lifts your spirits. Music is full of energy- it is literally sound vibrations.  That sound can be healing and revitalizing. Infuse your home with great music that keeps your day in a beautiful rhythm.


Grow lots of plants. Houseplants bring the power of nature to your home while they clear the air of toxins and lighten up the amount of EMF waves from electronics (TV, WiFi, Internet, other electronics) that can cause you stress.

Note: always make sure that your houseplants are non-toxic for your pets!

7. Spend some time away from your electronics. While more houseplants can help to cut down the amount of EMF waves from electronics, an actual step away from the TV and the Internet – and all the data and messages streaming gives you more space in your mind and your home for creativity and even more positivity!

8. Indulge in some cooking. If you already cook, cook with passion!  Cooking is a form of alchemy and when you cook with love you infuse your whole home (and your food!) with love!

9. Maintain a clean walkway. Sweep your walkway to keep your home wide-open to welcome! Welcoming in more positive people, events and energy is always a great thing.

10. Think good thoughts and speak good words. While you can’t control your every thought, the more mindful you are to focus on what is positive, the more your energy and life will reflect that positivity in abundant ways.  Words are also full of energy. Positive words can have an incredibly positive impact on the energy of your home and your whole life.


and joy, gratitude and beauty, nature and peace; these are the energies that make all of life easier.  Fill your home with those positive vibes and they’ll elevate your whole life!