8 Feng Shui Money-Magnetic Tips For Your Home

Feng shui is an ancient art and science of creating environments where you will thrive.

One of the keys to feng shui is that energy in your home should flow freely. When energy flows freely in your environment, you’ll feel really at ease, inspired, and at home in your home.

Money is also energy. Free-flowing positive energy at home welcomes in more free-flowing energy in your life.

Your home is a mirror of your life and it’s condition in many ways. Let’s polish that mirror so it can reflect more wealth back into you and help you to attract and keep much more of it!

1. Make your glass shine.

All the glass in your house – windows, glass table tops, mirrors, glass doors, etc. – could use a polish weekly to remove dust, smudges, and residue that clouds your vision. Your windows are like the eyes of your home, so a good cleaning can help to give you insight.

2. Do your dishes!

And, be mindful of every place that things pile up in your home due to day-to-day use. Laundry piles, dishes, papers on a desk … all of this becomes “stuck energy” and it creates energetic blocks.

Fix your plumbing.

From big to small, plumbing issues represent “leaks” and “drains” in your energy – and that includes your money! Simple plumbing maintenance can help your home- and your life, flow more smoothly.

4. Watch your wires.

Wires have a tendency to become tangled and messy, creating a lot of visual confusion that can mirror stress and confusion in your days.

5. Get a gorgeous doormat.

Or, clean the one you have. If you don’t have one and there’s no space for one, see if you can brighten up the front door with a good cleaning. Money enters the home symbolically through this door— you’ll want to welcome it in.

6. Use red envelopes.

Red envelopes are a fun way to add magnetism to your finances. You can use regular red colored envelopes, but I also buy traditional Chinese red envelopes because they are gorgeous. I use them to pay bills, give gifts and even for storing important notes and blank checks. Red is a color that is thought to magnetize more abundance, and the tradition of giving gifts with red envelopes is that both the giver and the receiver of the red envelope will have increased prosperity!

Try smudging.

Whether you enjoy burning incense, sage or other traditional herbs, a smudging of your home from time to time can help to brighten the energy and creates symbolic space for more new – and amazing – things to arrive.

8. Light up dark areas.

Energy can collect and become stagnant in especially in corners, but actually in any area of your home. I love to lighten up space with more sunlight, lamps and bright colors that also create a sense of light! Choose your favorite colors that are vibrant and inspiring and add them as art, accessories, throw blankets, curtains, dishware … however, you can, make sure they’re vibrant and make you feel a dose of sunshine!

Staying vibrant, happier, more inspired and focused on what you love is always the energy that attracts more abundance every day. Your home can reflect and enhance all of those amazing energies, creating so much more greatness every day! If you’d like to clear even more money blocks from your home, here’s the free feng shui video series for creating more wealth.