Don’t Let Stress Get The Better Of You

Unlike what we think, not all stress is bad. Too little and it leaves you feeling unmotivated. Too much and it starts seeming too overwhelming to deal with.

While we do need a little bit of anxiety to stay motivated (think of the excitement before an exam or a deadline), too much of it can spell trouble not just at the surface, but also deep down inside our body.

And while our body is good at handling minor stressors with ease, our modern-day diet and lifestyle can end up putting a lot more stress on the system than it is built to handle. What can we do then, to keep our mind and body in balance and calm enough to not get bogged down by the chaos around us?

How about treating the imbalance with nutrition that your body is familiar with and creating a balance not just in one body function in isolation, but one that comes from all core functions working in perfect harmony?


Like the custom formula of 1Balance ‘Calm’, with its combination of 9 hand-picked natural and organic Ayurvedic whole-herbs, that are known for their calming, mood-elevating and adaptogenic effects. These herbs don’t just target your mood but also support the 4 core health functions that have a proven impact on your stress levels and mental wellbeing – your sleep, energy, immune function, and digestion.

Keep stress right where it belongs. And not hand it the reins of your life. Take control of your mental-wellbeing with 1Balance Calm – that doesn’t just address the symptoms on the surface, but works on resolving the imbalance deep within that’s causing them.