Why Discovering The Purpose Of Life Can Be Tricky

We are born in this cosmic world with very little in our possession. We are born with a purpose is what many of us believe in. And that is the very reason behind all our existential crises, isn’t it? We all are mere specks of life floating about in space looking for our purpose in this vast universe. What is our purpose? How can a person really know?

There are many experts and life coaches who believe that knowing one’s purpose in life is an epiphany that must come from within. It is a wonderful thing to believe in. But this epiphany doesn’t come to everyone. And this very calling is being missed by a lot of people in the world today. Do you ever wonder why?

Shallow Lives Take Us Away From Our Purpose

Humans are increasingly becoming shallow and so are the lives that they are living. People seek shallow reactions to feed their egos and other shallow emotions. Likes and hits have started being acceptable ways of seeking validation in this world. Hence, this quick reactions on social media can provide us with quick satisfaction but it can stop us from looking inside.


know our purpose, we must dig deep and feel connected to our core. Our core feels strengthened when we experience genuine and deep emotions like love, compassion, the strength to endure a hard time and the power to let go of something we love. These emotions can intellectually free us from our shallow needs to feed our egos. But this only happens when people allow them to happen.

People nowadays have deeper connections with their phones than they do with another human being. And people have started connecting with their gadgets and using other humans. Well, it should be the other way around. People should connect with people and use their gadgets. This kind of shallow life stops people from searching for their truth. The likes, the hits, the retweets can’t make you feel fulfilled in life. People want to have lives displayed on social media that others can envy. But inciting envy in others shouldn’t be the purpose of anyone’s life or drive to have a certain kind of life. The truth remains hidden in all of us. Some people live their lives without having any idea about their purpose and some people know their purpose but are failing to live it. These people are the ones who have the most difficult lives of them all.

Purpose And Applied Conditions

People who know their purpose and can’t live it often feel broken from inside. Sometimes, what you feel like is your purpose might not give you back everything you need. You might not be a success story immediately when you are pursuing your purpose in life. A lot of people can give up in the middle of their pursuits and turn bitter. They start seeing their lives as wasted opportunities. They become closed to all other possibilities.

But this is where the universe can surprise you. The universe might not give you what you want or think what your purpose is. Sometimes, the universe gives you something else because that is where your greatness lies. And you will never find that out until you take the chance. Being closed to everything will only cause you more pain. You must adapt, learn and grow in life. What we get in life is beyond our control, but how we react to them is in our control. So, don’t give up easily in life because life will always surprise you.


open to possibilities because that is the only way we can really live and find happiness. Your road might be a little harder than others, but when you can endure the hardships, you can find your truth at the end of it. The truth prevails no matter what. So, it is up to you to decide whether you want to find your truth and live it or live without knowing the truth at all.