Deciphering The Truth Behind The Lies Narcissists Say

Narcissists are people who are blinded by the love they have for themselves. Such people only care about their self-interest and would do anything to preserve themselves. A little bit of narcissism is healthy and we all have it in us. It helps us to look beyond our self-doubt and achieve things that are bigger than us. But when a person has too much of this quality, it makes them self-obsessed. And nothing and no one seem more important to them than their self-interest.

Narcissistic people are known for their ability to lie to get what they want. They will do everything in their power to convince others to do something that they want them to do, even if it is against their self-interest. That is why it is crucial for people to learn about the ways of narcissists so that they can see through their lies. Here is a list of things that narcissists say to people that they don’t mean and what they mean might not be very delightful for people to know.

1. “You Are Crazy!”


don’t use this insult out of anger. They use this sentence meticulously at a particular time and space to initiate doubt in others’ minds so that they can use their doubt to control them. People say this often to others when they are angry and often it doesn’t mean anything. But when a narcissist says this, he or she is using your weak moment to gain control over you by encouraging you to have self-doubt.

2. “Quit Analyzing Me”

Narcissists never want anybody to see through them and when people start to notice the cracks in their facades, they flip out of their minds. They would ask others to quit before they discover who they really are as they are terrified to find that themselves. Narcissism doesn’t allow people to introspect because when people introspect they discover their flaws. And narcissism loves to fill people up with flaws under the guise of brilliance.

“Equality Is What I Seek”

This is a pseudo-positive statement used by narcissists to make their innocent preys fall for their charm. In reality, they think very lowly of others. There is nobody who can be as good as them in their reality. But they say this to convince others that they are respectful so that they can manipulate them into doing what they want. This is a way of creating an illusion of trust and mutual respect to get people to do things that serve their purpose.

4. “I Apologize That You Got Upset”

Narcissists believe that they can do nothing wrong and hence, they can never see their faults. So, if someone is upset, it is because they are too sensitive and not because it is their fault. That is why they always apologize for the wrong reasons and not for their mistakes. And people can see this difference only if they pay close attention to the pattern of their behavior.

“Why Are You So Needy?”

This is an insult that can shut up even the strongest of people. This is an emotional equivalent of a nuclear missile. It can completely destroy a person’s emotional landscape. When a person is upset and requires compassion and someone hurls this insult at him or her, it would completely break that person. Narcissists know that and use this efficiently to show people how less they care about them while creating a doubt of emotional instability in the heads of the people who ask for more from them.

6. “I Can Be Trusted”

This is a veiled warning. Everyone knows that narcissists can never be trusted because they will change the moment things take a bad turn. Narcissists would sell everyone out if that meant them being safe in a situation. So, when a narcissist says that to you, you should run in the other direction.


are always trying to take advantage of others and get ahead in life. But it is up to us to save our backs from such individuals.