6 Of The Cruelest Things You Could Do To A Mom During The Golden Hour

Everyone is excited to meet a new mom and her newborn. Unfortunately, the moment they see the baby, everyone forgets about the mom. Their focus is on the baby. Of course, who can take their eyes off cute babies? But, new moms need to be treated with the same love and care. She went through a lot of pain to deliver the baby. People sometimes unknowingly do things that hurt a new mother. After delivery, she longs for some private moments with her baby. But, often she does not get that.

Well, everyone, next time when you hear a birth announcement remember these things and never do them to a new mom. Because these are some of the cruelest things you could do to a mom during the golden hour after delivery.

Visiting Her

Blessed are those who give the new mom some peace of mind!

We understand your enthusiasm in seeing the newborn in all its freshness. But, you can wait. Your interest in visiting the baby may not be a good news for the new mom. She is just recovering from the delivery and what she wants after long hours of labor is some quiet time with her baby. She is least interested in entertaining people who have come to watch her in postpartum glory. Without a single visitor post-delivery, she will be the happiest person.

Her About The Experience

‘Oh, so tell us about the whole experience. When can we expect the next baby?’

Have you ever asked a new mom this question? Well, let’s hope she forgives you. You may want to hear about the labor experience, while it is still fresh in her mind. Oh, look at her. Tired, exhausted, yet happy to see her baby. Do you think she is capable of narrating you the whole incident? Leave her alone for some time. Or instead, you can ask her what she wants. Water? Some snacks? Her favorite food?

Taking The Baby Away From Her

Never keep her in the dark about the baby!

If the baby needs to be in the NICU for some days, inform the mother. Don’t keep her guessing about her little one. This will give her extra stress, which is definitely not good for her after childbirth. Moreover, do not take away the baby from her to show him/her to the long list of guests waiting outside the room. A mom always wants to see her bundle of joy right next to her immediately after childbirth. Looking at the baby’s eyes and adoring the little one’s cuteness is the best way for a mom to relax after painful labor.

The Baby

Oh, no! She can be very sensitive.

New moms tend to be protective in nature. They are not comfortable with anyone kissing their baby or holding them for a long time. They may not be comfortable with anyone getting too close to the newborn. They are scared whether visitors are careful enough not to hurt the baby. Considering a mom’s fears, it is best to avoid any such move. Do not spoil her beautiful moments of motherhood.

Commenting On Baby’s Looks

Never, ever, comment about a newborn!

Yes, of course, nice comments are welcome. ‘He is so cute’, ‘She looks like an angel’ – all such things are nice and welcome. Well, stop there. Do not go beyond that. Commenting on each and every body part of her baby and making statements like ‘the baby has all the features from her dad’s family’ may not interest her. The best decision is to refrain from passing any comment about the baby.

Baby’s Arrival On Social Media

Not before she does it in her own special ways!

She might have made plans on announcing the birth of her little love on social media. She might be waiting for the best snap to reveal her happiness to the world. If you do it before her, without her permission, you destroy her plans. And she will hate you forever.