Cosmetic Beauty Or One That Comes From Deep-Within: What Would You Choose?

There’s no dearth of cosmetic products in the market and you’ll be spoilt for choice, whatever kind of look you’re after. But cosmetics are a poor substitute for a face that glows naturally and skin that shines with good health.

If you happen to be a believer in this lasting kind of beauty, here’s something you’ll truly love and have your body thanking you for!

The inside-out Ayurvedic approach with 1Balance ‘Inner Beauty’ – a beauty regimen that restores balance starting at your core and working its way out, all the way to your skin.

With 1Balance Inner Beauty, you use nutrition that your body is familiar with and create a balance not just in one body function (the health of your skin in this case) in isolation, but one that comes from all core functions working in perfect harmony.

With the Inner Beauty Pack, you receive 3 months’ supply of Ayurvedic Supplements that take you closer to your Inner Beauty every month. It also includes 3 decks of health-tip cards that steer you towards good habits around your health and lifestyle. Here’s how each of your 3 months will look:


Month 1 – Ensuring Good Digestion

For beauty that isn’t just skin-deep, we first address your digestion.

A healthy gut makes a healthy and strong you. And the modern-day diets and lifestyles place a lot of unfair demands on your gut and digestion. To limit this damage and restore healthy digestion, we give you 1Balance ‘Digest’ with its combination of 9 hand-picked natural and organic Ayurvedic whole-herbs, known for their gastrointestinal health benefits, that gently and effectively restores and supports healthy digestion, every day.

Month 2 – Encouraging Mental-Wellbeing

Next, we bust some stress.

While our body is good at handling minor stressors with ease, our modern-day diet and lifestyle can end up putting a lot more stress on the system than it is built to handle. And the damaging effects of stress can show up very quickly on our face, hair, and skin. So, we offer the body some help. With 1Balance ‘Calm’ and its combination of 9 hand-picked natural and organic Ayurvedic whole-herbs, that are known for their calming, mood-elevating and adaptogenic effects.


Month 3 – Detoxing For That Glow Of Good Health

And finally, we keep the goodness in and the toxins out.

Given our modern-day diets, lifestyles, and amount of toxins that we are exposed to, detoxification every day, is critical for good health.

We offer support to the body’s natural detox mechanism with 1Balance ‘Detox’ and its combination of 9 hand-picked natural and organic Ayurvedic whole-herbs, known for their adaptogenic, hormone-regulating, anti-inflammatory benefits that gently and effectively support healthy detoxification every day.

And all these herbs for each month, don’t target isolated body functions but support the 4 core health functions – your sleep, energy, immune function, and digestion.

And these functions, working in perfect harmony then help manifest beauty that positively glows with good health and wellness!