6 Blunders That Hinder Your Weight-Loss Journey

Weight-loss programs can be hampered by certain mistakes we make

We often start with a weight-loss program and try our best to drop a few pounds. However, there are times when we or our bodies mess things up and we do not attain our goals the way we should have. There are many factors that are crucial for weight loss, and if we are making certain dieting mistakes, we hamper our weight-loss success to a great extent. Look at some common and crucial dieting blunders we often make that block our weight-loss goals.

1. Failure To Add Enough Fats And Oils

Add enough healthy fats and oils in your diet.

Scientific research has proved that you do not gain any advantage by cutting down completely on fat. This is why you must always remember not to restrict your fat intake or eat low-fat or non-fat foods if you are trying to cut down on weight. Go for fatty cuts of meat, use more lard, organic butter, coconut oil, and tallow for cooking, and use enough extra-virgin olive oil in your salads.

Exceeding 15 Grams Of Carbs Per Meal

Each meal must contain not more than 15 grams of healthy carbs.

This is a common mistake we all tend to commit. Although you choose the gluten-free and low-carb options, you are not all safe. Exceeding the net amount of 15 grams of carbs per meal can obstruct you from attaining your weight-loss goals to a great extent. So, always choose to eat the right carbs (brown ones than the processed white ones) and maintain the 15-gram carb limit in every meal you take.

3. Excess Consumption Of Dairy

Dairy is not always good if you are trying to lose weight, and this is not due to its fat or calories. It is due to the whey protein in dairy that many of us consider to be healthy for exercise, muscle growth, etc. Whey protein can increase the insulin levels in about 20 percent of people, and this can impact weight loss. If you want to test it, just eliminate all dairy products for about a month. If you drop at least 8 to 9 pounds by the end of that month, you are among those 20 percent of people who are sensitive to whey protein. If you do not notice any difference, you can add dairy or whey protein back to your diet.

Use Of Certain Medicines And Drugs

Certain prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs can impact your weight-loss programs negatively. These drugs include antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, beta-blockers, drugs for prediabetes and diabetes, injectable insulin, drugs for pain and fibromyalgia, and valproic acid for seizures. Regardless of how serious your weight-loss efforts are, these common drugs can prevent you extensively from losing weight. So, if you are on one or more of these drugs, talk to your doctor and ask for replacement(s) with drug(s) that do not affect your weight loss.

Lack Of Sound Sleep

In this busy way of life, we often dismiss sleep as an inconvenience and something that ends eating up too much time. But, this does not help us lose weight in any way. In fact, inadequate sleep is often an impediment to weight loss and our overall health. Loss of sleep increases our cortisol levels, increases appetite leading to binge eating, and affect metabolism. Remember not to neglect your sleep at all if you are on a weight-loss journey.

6. Stress Or Adrenal Dysfunction

Stress can be the result of financial struggles, work issues, unhealthy relations, and many other life issues. Stress and adrenal dysfunction work together as stress leads to excess release of cortisol from the adrenal gland. Cortisol is a steroid hormone and works almost in a similar manner as an anti-inflammatory drug. If you trying to lose weight, find ways to deal with your stress. Visit your doctor to ask for advice on how to check your cortisol levels and improve your stressful conditions. You can also help yourself by meditating, practicing stress-relieving yoga, and by making healthy changes in your diet.


you are serious about being successful in your weight-loss program, be sure not to commit these lifestyle mistakes. A healthy living is important to find happiness, and we must not forget this at all.