6 Berries Good For Women’s Hearts

Berries aren’t just brilliantly colored and mouth-wateringly sweet they bring with them tons of health benefits, many of which we may not be aware of. These colorful fruits are storehouses of antioxidants and polyphenols, and help fight chronic illnesses and even cancer. Berries also happen to be great for the heart. Especially in women. Let’s take a closer look at the top 6 berries that have immense benefits for women’s health, especially the health of their heart.


Blackberries are a rich source of polyphenols which makes them an excellent choice for those aiming to prevent cardiovascular illnesses and even cancer. They also happen to contain high amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber as compared to other fruits, containing as much as 7 grams of fiber per cupful. They’re also abundant in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron and Calcium. Having so many vital nutrients, they also give you a glowing and healthy skin. In fact, blackberries have higher levels of antioxidants than blueberries and strawberries. And they get their dark color from the high levels of antioxidants that they contain. They also happen to be low in calories, which makes them a good breakfast choice. So, go ahead and eat them just like that by the handful, make pies out of them or spread them as jam on your whole wheat toast.


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Blueberries are packed with compounds that help widen arteries and help with a good circulation of blood, which is why they’ve been directly linked with a lower risk of heart attacks. They’re low fat, free from saturated fats and a rich source of Fiber and Vitamin C. Not just the heart, they also happen to be good for our memory. Their rich blue color is given to them by compounds that they contain, called anthocyanins, antioxidants that protect our skin from free radicals that damage the collagen. Blueberries also help keep the skin firm. The high levels of Vitamin C in blueberries also aids collagen production in our skin. Blueberries also help keep our hair healthy. The vitamin B complex that they contain is especially good for hair growth. They improve the circulation of blood in the body especially the scalp.


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Strawberries are excellent for the health of your heart as they are an excellent source of polyphenols, Vitamin C and folate, chemicals that protect the heart. They also contain compounds that help make the arteries wider and prevent plaque buildup. They help prevent heart disease, by reducing blood cholesterol, triglycerides and oxidative stress. Strawberries are known to reduce inflammation by reducing the inflammatory chemicals in blood. Studies have proven that women who included more than three portions of strawberries and blueberries in their diet, showed a 30% lower risk of a heart attack.


It’s a great idea to include raspberries in your diet whenever you can as they are low in fat and their high levels of polyphenols help reduce the risk of heart disease. They are also very rich in heart healthy fiber. And they are also good sources of Vitamin C and manganese. They also happen to contain antioxidants named ellagitannins, that help greatly reduce oxidative stress. What’s more, they also increase the amount of leptin in our body, a hormone that lets us know that we are full.


These berries may be a bit bitter in taste, but they win hands down when compared to all the other berries in their antioxidant content. Their bitterness gets masked when they’re added to fruit smoothies, oatmeal or yogurt. Their antioxidant content makes them an excellent choice in food supplements as they contain ten times the antioxidant polyphenol than even blueberries. Acai berries increase the blood antioxidant levels and reduce the chemicals that cause oxidative stress. They have also been linked with a reduction of blood sugar and cholesterol levels. They also happen to be excellent pain killers because of their antioxidants and studies have shown that they help immensely with pain management and to improve the quality of life in case of osteoarthritis.


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Cranberries have immense health benefits for women. Cranberries help increase the HDL or the good cholesterol in the body thereby protecting us from heart diseases. They are also excellent for preventing urinary tract infections in women. They contain certain chemicals that prevent E Coli from sticking to the walls of the bladder thereby preventing them from causing urinary infections.