Benefits Of Brahmi Amla Oil For Healthy Hair

In India, if there is one common name synonymous with thick, lustrous hair, then it has to be brahmi-amla hair oil. The mixture of brahmi and amla is effective in treating many hair conditions. Both herbs are superb hair tonics – they nourish and condition hair, alleviate dandruff and make hair soft, shiny and beautiful. The brahmi plant and the amla (Indian gooseberry) are extensively used in Ayurveda to treat various ailments. Brahmi-amla hair oil is a multi-vitamin for your hair. It has a long-standing reputation for promoting luxurious hair growth.


Brahmi for hair growth

Brahmi contains essential oils, sterols, flavonol, glycoside and triterpenoid saponins. Brahmi oil and soft extract are two commercial preparation of brahmi used in hair care formulations.1 It is also categorized as rasayan in Ayurveda and hence possesses the properties of delaying aging signs in the body like graying of hairs. According to Ayurveda, the early onset of gray hair and balding are indicative of excess pitta in the body.2 Due to its amazing regenerative and antioxidant properties, brahmi nourishes the hair, reduces hair loss, strengthens the hair follicles and improves hair growth.



Amla for hair growth

Any Indian hair oil will be incomplete without the addition of amla. Amla is packed with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and tannins. When combined with herbs such as brahmi, it nourishes the hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth. Its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties make it beneficial against dandruff and scalp infection.3

Amla also helps to preserve your natural hair color, conditions the hair and increases its texture and thickness. Amla contains 5-6% of tannins such as gallic acid, ellagic acid, and phyllembelin. It is commercialized in the form of shampoos and hair oil. Its oil and aqueous extract is used in the hair care formulations.

Promotes Hair Growth

Brahmi-amla hair oil promotes hair growth

Brahmi-amla oil is effective in preventing hair fall. This oil combination also helps in the growth of healthy hair. Applying brahmi oil regularly can prevent many hair-related problems. The best method to promote hair growth is to gently massage the oil on the scalp, which strengthens the hair by replenishing the hair roots.

2. Improves Scalp Health

Brahmi-amla hair oil improves scalp health

Brahmi-amla oil contains vitamins, minerals, and other nourishing agents that help to revitalize the scalp. Good scalp health is crucial to prevent many problematic hair conditions.4 A warm brahmi-amla oil massage on the scalp provides nourishment and also acts as a revitalizing agent and a stimulant. Brahmi also keeps the scalp cool.

Helps Fight Alopecia

Brahmi-amla hair oil fights alopecia

Alopecia is the medical term for consistent and extreme hair fall, which, if left untreated might result in temporary or permanent baldness.5 In men, it is called as male pattern baldness and by the age of 40, most adult men face this problem. The antioxidants in brahmi oil ensure the formation of healthy and strong hair roots. This prevents hair loss and also cools your head.6

Prevents Split Ends

Brahmi-amla hair oil prevents split ends

Split ends prevent the hair from growing long. Using brahmi-amla oil regularly on the hair and scalp drastically reduces the number of split ends. This is because brahmi coats the hair follicles with a layer of protection that provides luster and reduces the possibility of split ends. This also allows the hair to develop volume and increase in length.7

5. Cures Dandruff

Brahmi-amla hair oil cures dandruff

Massaging the scalp regularly using brahmi-amla oil nourishes and provides moisture to the scalp. Healthy scalp prevents itchiness of the scalp and reduces dandruff. Dryness on the scalp is the primary reason for dandruff. When you massage brahmi-amla oil on your scalp, ensure that you allow the oil to remain on the scalp for at least an hour before washing it.8 Also, use a mild shampoo that does not completely remove the oil from the scalp.

To Apply Brahmi-Amla Oil

Warm And Cold
Brahmi-amla oil can be used when it is at room temperature or also by warming it slightly by placing it in hot water for few minutes. People who suffer from hair loss must not use warm the oil. People who want to condition their hair can warm it slightly as this enhances penetration of the oil into the pores.

Using your fingers, apply the oil onto your scalp and massage gently. Once you finish massaging your scalp, run your fingers along the length of your hair and apply the oil to the dry parts of the hair such as the ends.

Brahmi-amla oil can be applied before or after washing your hair. Gently massage your scalp in circular motions with a small amount of oil. Work your fingertips rhythmically and gently from the top of your head outward toward your ears and the base of your skull. You could also get this massage done at a salon.