A Well-Deserved Gift For You And Your Body This New Year

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Still reeling from last year’s indulgences? You don’t have to anymore! It’s a new year and it’s time for a new beginning. So put down your goals for the year and get that wellness plan on track. And if you need some motivation, how about a gorgeous basket bursting with treats you could win by telling us your resolutions?

If it all seems too daunting, we’re here to help! Our in-house experts have rounded up some simple tips and our favorite healthy food swaps. They don’t take much effort and can do you a world of good. Some treats will even feel a little sinful (though they aren’t!). Take inspiration from these and indulge guilt-free.

1. Start The Morning With A Zing In Your Step

Kama’s Peppermint Essential Oil

Waking up early can be a drag. But it’s the best time to squeeze in a little me-time (you deserve this). Wake up about 15–20 minutes earlier than you normally do and keep this up every day till you get to your goal. Pull back those drapes, make your bed, and give yourself a boost with some aromatherapy. Diffusing peppermint essential oil in the morning can settle your mind, clear a stuffy nose, and push those energy levels up. Just add a few drops of Kama Ayurveda’s Peppermint Essential Oil into

your diffuser. The fragrance will clear your head and, soon, you’ll be raring to go!1

2. Trade Your Morning Cuppa Joe For Some Green Tea

Tea Box - green tea

Need a cup of joe to get your morning going? Switch to green tea for its amazing fat-burning and heart-protective benefits, and for a dose of antioxidants – these guys prevent cell damage.2 We like sipping on Green Tea from Teabox to

kickstart our day.

3. Grab A Pre-Workout Snack Before Hitting The Gym

Almond Fudge Whey Protein Bar from Yoga Bar

Like hitting the gym in the morning? Load up on calcium and protein before you step out to prep those muscles. These can boost your performance when you work out, help with post-workout recovery, improve strength, and build lean body mass better.3 Almond Fudge Whey Protein Bar from Yoga Bar works as a great pre-workout snack. These bars contain no sugar or artificial sweeteners and are fuss-free to grab and go.

id="Shield">4. Detox At Breakfast

Raw Pressery Fiber Cleanse

And now onto breakfast! Eat eggs and toast or a bowl of oatmeal. Here’s a tip – fitness buffs recommend that you never leave the house in the morning without having a glass of OJ or some fresh fruit. These work well to give you the vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant boost needed to detox your system. If you’re low on time, cleansing juices are a great way to detox while getting in the nutrition. Orange juice combined with carrot and ginger works to strengthen your immunity, boost the skin’s natural glow, and power your brain for the day.4 5 A quick way to get your amped-up OJ is with a glass of “Shield” from Raw Pressery’s Fiber Cleanse


5. Add Some Healthy Crunch At Lunch!

Roasted Watermelon Seeds from Nature’s Basket

For lunch, swap leftover dinners for something fresh and full of vitamins. Go Mediterranean! Whip up a leafy salad using spinach, baby carrots, olives, and feta cheese. Top it with watermelon seeds for a layer of crunchiness, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. These seeds are also rich in iron, magnesium, and copper – a perfect combination of nutrients to keep your blood sugar and blood pressure in check.6 We like the Roasted Watermelon Seeds from Nature’s Basket.

id="6-Grain-Stix-Tangy-Pickle-from-The-Green-Snack-Co.">6. Get Your Hands On Some Wholesome Snacks

6 Grain Stix Tangy Pickle from The Green Snack Co

For those nasty post-lunch hunger pangs, try whole-grain snacks made from ragi or oats which can lift your mood and even keep you full for longer. Did you know eating whole grains regularly can even increase your lifespan?7 Pick something that’s low in sugar and you’re good to go. We love the 6 Grain Stix Tangy Pickle from The Green Snack Co. These are made out of 6 super-healthy grains including ragi, soya, and sorghum. And the tanginess from the mango and chili works perfectly as a pick-me-up.

class="cjfbcontestimage" src="https://curejoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/contest.jpg" />

7. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth – The Healthy Way!

Bhuira Jam - Three-Fruit Marmalade

Love your cupcakes and icecream but trying to be good in the new year? You don’t really have to give up all things sweet! Fruit can be a good substitute for rich desserts. Or treat yourself to a spoon or two of all-natural marmalade. Made from the peels of citrus fruits, marmalade is high in vitamins and has zero fat. We can’t get enough of the Three-Fruit Marmalade from Bhuira Jam! With no added preservatives and artificial coloring, this fruity jam is a mix of santra, kinnow, and gulgul. It is both nutritious and perfect for a nagging sweet tooth. You could also have this as a breakfast option smeared on crisp whole-wheat toast or swirled into Greek yogurt.

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there you go. Staying healthy doesn’t have to be boring and uninspired. These awesome products more than deliver on flavor, color, and texture – and are good for you too! Just get started and you’ll soon have a list of your own favorites before the year is out. Let us know what worked for you. Here’s to a healthier and stronger you!

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