7 Warning Signs Of A Person Need To Be Avoided

No matter who we are or what kind of personality we have, there are a few types of people that mutually irritate us or bring out the sides of us that we are not proud of. They may not necessarily be bad people, but we all have or know that one person who cannot stop making a big fuss about himself/herself. This person always whines about something or other, tries to make everything revolve around himself/herself, never seems happy, and so on. Spending little or more time with such a person, slowly starts making you feel depressed or even constantly agitated or short-tempered.

Well, let us reassure you that it’s not your fault and you’re definitely not alone in this.

Although, you might initially feel sorry for that person or empathize with them, with the hope that you can make this person feel better or even change them, it can slowly and often unknowingly zap away your happiness, energy, and patience from everyday life.

So, here are 7 signs of the kind of people you need to stay away from. And for those of you who happen to possess some of these signs, you know why people are being wary and staying away from you:

This Person Judges You For Every Little Thing


Whether it’s the kind of clothes you wear, what you say, the books you read, the music you listen to, the things you do, and even your dreams, these are a few of their favorite things to judge about you. Although you may get the occasional good comment about it, they may secretly be judging you in their minds or behind your back. So do not ever think that what they show you is everything they’re saying about you. Likewise, you may be the hot-topic in their gossip and rumor circles too, from making jokes about you, ridiculing the things you do, and even putting you down for the smallest to biggest things. Well, nobody needs this!

2. This Person Doesn’t Listen To Anyone, But Their Own Voice



Besides not listening to you, they often talk without letting you finish what you have to say, or even interrupting you with the thought that whatever they have to tell you is more important than what you have to say. Sometimes  you probably feel like they only pretend to listen to you but are only listening with the intention of formulating a response and not to actually understand or give your words any value. This includes cutting you off with a story of their own, changing the topic to something completely out of context, walking off in the middle of the conversation, or being distracted by something irrelevant. If you can’t effectively communicate with someone like this, then there’s no point sticking with them.

3. This Person Criticizes Every Move You Make


Whether you’re sharing happy news or discussing an upsetting situation in your life, these people will not see this as an opportunity to be there for you. Instead, they will make sure they criticize or find something wrong with whatever you share. This could be because of their own selfish motives, hidden incentives, asserting their self-proclaimed “important” personal comments or opinions, when nobody really asked for them in the first place. Besides being the annoyingly critical backseat driver of your life’s events, they also have the guts to tell you what to do (a.k.a unasked-for advice) and if by chance you don’t listen to them, they get very offended or start to behave badly with you. So, why bother with this kind of negativity?

This Person Always Plays ‘The Victim’


Each of their dramatic or over-the-top complains and whining have the underlying message of: “Oh, poor me!” It doesn’t matter if this happens to be their Whatsapp status, Facebook posts, or their dramatic entrance to office, only to make a scene because they’re desperate to get people’s attention. Even the most superficial or tiniest matters would get blown out of proportion, so they can once again get people’s sympathy or feel sorry for themselves. The best part of this is that they never think anything they do is wrong or their fault. Just like spoilt children, they always blame others and never accept their mistakes. This will only result in having you apologize for things that you never did wrong or becoming wrapped up in their own petty little world, unnecessarily. Get away from this as soon as you can!

This Person Doesn’t Know How To Keep A Secret


It doesn’t matter if you shared a close and personal secret with them, if you did something embarrassing the previous night at a party, or even told them what you had for lunch. Without another thought, this would probably reach the ears of someone in Timbuktu or well at least your friends and their social circles. With ‘toxic’ being the middle name of these kinds of people, you can’t rely on them even if you think about it a million times over. What may be private and discussed with the trust of absolute secrecy to them would be almost similar to dangling a piece of juicy meat to a hungry hound for them to devour and use to the best of their ability. So, what’s stopping you from finding people who truly care for you and are not out to ruin your reputation?

This Person Is The Perfect Hypocrite


With a character that switches from North Pole to South Pole in a matter of seconds, these people have a tendency to say one thing coupled with the tallest claims and then do the complete opposite, just because they can. This may the stuff that those 60’s comedies are made of, but this is no joke. For example, they may urge you to take their advice on what to do for work, and when you do, they would do the complete opposite of that, only to sabotage you, make you look like a fool or the one who has made an error. Do not fall for this trap. Follow your own intuition and take your own advice. Just say enough to please them and shut them up, but do your own thing. These people have a habit of seeing themselves as superior or better than everyone else, so do be careful and stay away from them as much as possible. They’re nothing but trouble.

This Person Complains About Anything And Everything


Happiness is a myth in the minds of these people. Almost nothing will impress them, and they never seem to be happy with anything. Moreover, they are masters at finding mistakes or imperfections in the most perfectly good things. The sunniest days may seem too hot or bright, the sincerest compliment would be returned with sarcasm or brushed off like they deserved it, and even if they get promoted or win the lottery, that’s not enough to make them happy, not even close. Almost like this barrel of satisfaction that has a black-hole for a base, nothing is ever enough for them. They will always have something negative to say about everything and everyone around them, mostly behind others’ backs, concealed by the most likable image on the surface. Being natural exhibitionists, they will always need an audience for these complains too.


Although they are human and it may seem nice to focus on the good in them, make sure it is not at the expense of your own peace of mind or happiness.