7 Uncomfortable Signs That Show You’re On The Right Path

Not all of us believe that the Universe communicates with us. We feel like such a small speck in the vastness of space that we often forget that we are part of a bigger plan. We go through life by motion, not always experiencing and making meaning out of the things that happen to us. We all try to do our best to make our life meaningful, but not always knowing if we are doing the right things. Change is hard, progress is scary, moving out of the comfort zone can be painful but this is the only way we become better people. Thankfully, the Universe sends you signs that you’re on the right track despite the difficulties and challenges, so look out for them. They can seem like they’re not helping at all, but without pain, we might have no gains:

1. Wanting To Be Alone


All of us have our days when we just want to be alone and avoid any sort of social contact to recuperate and refresh ourselves. This need to isolate yourself becomes stronger and more intense all of a sudden when a change is coming. It isn’t just a way for you to refresh yourself before you rejoin the masses, but a desire to be alone so that you can prioritize your life and the things you want to achieve. This helps to calibrate your life and figure out how to move forward.

Vivid Dreams


Our dreams come from our unconscious mind, and when we are consciously trying to change our thoughts and patterns, it reverberates to the unconscious mind as well. You may find yourself having intensely vivid dreams, both bad and good, that you can feel and remember for quite a while after you wake up. The depth of your thoughts come up in your dreams too, and it can sometimes feel unsettling. However, this only reflects the work going on in your mind, pointing you towards an important change.

Intense Mood Swings


It is natural that we make an effort to avoid experiencing any sort of negative emotions, but they only come back stronger and unexpectedly when we suppress them. You can go through sudden flared up anger than you can’t control for an hour or so, feel stable again, only to feel intense sadness that doesn’t let you work at all. These mood swings are your mind’s way of experiencing built up feelings to make space for other emotions like joy and contentment. If we’ve felt sadness, pain and anger but chose to bury them, this is the time they unearth themselves.

4. Self-Reliance


Most of us look at external circumstances and other people to make us happy. If people don’t treat us like we want them to, or if things don’t go the way we want, we end up feeling extremely upset. If someone doesn’t like us, for example, we might spend hours trying to figure out why. When we finally realize that we are the only ones that can control our emotions, thoughts and reactions, we feel extremely liberated. Our life and its path is only in our control and no one else’s, but it takes everyone time to realize this.

Cutting Out Negativity


If you feel like you don’t want to spend time with your old friends anymore, start becoming really irritable around them, or start making excuses to be away from them, you’re cutting out negativity from your life. We needed those friends in our life in the past, but as we start to grow, these friends hold us back. Not everybody grows at the same rate or the same time, which means some people will be stuck at an earlier, more negative stage. It is ok for us to cut out the unhelpful people and things out of our life when we want to progress.

Standing Up For Yourself


You may also start to see the patterns of behavior in negative people that have kept you in a bad place for years, and begin to talk back. All of us have “friends” that need to put others down to feel like they’re powerful, and we take it because we may not feel good about ourselves. When we finally begin to understand how valuable we are, we don’t want to let others insult us. Previously, you might have felt afraid to speak up because you didn’t want to lose a friend, or didn’t want to seem like a “spoilsport”, but you start to understand that those people’s opinion of you doesn’t matter anymore.

7. Feeling “Lost”


Finally, you can start feeling like you have no idea what is happening around you or who you are because you are shedding away the old person you were. This feeling might be mistaken for depression or anxiety, but it is your mind’s way of telling you that you’re approaching a clear slate. You are taking steps in a place you haven’t known before, and it is only natural that you don’t know what to do. This doesn’t mean you will continue feeling this way forever. You’re taking steps in the right direction, and you will only know what you will face when you keep moving.